Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's All Thisbe's Fault

So, years and years ago not long after I moved to the city and started at the Job, Thisbe was kind enough to teach me how to knit. At the time there was quite a little knitting resurgence going on and I jumped on the craft bandwagon. After all, knitting ran "deep through our veins!" since it was Grandma who knitted a creamsicle orange one-shouldered pantsuit for my Barbie doll when I was a kid (and she didn't even use a pattern!) (I do have to say, the pantsuit design was mine, color choice I believe was left up to whatever Grandma had left in her odds and ends of un-used "pound of love" yarn skeins bought at the local Pearl.

Flash forward to present day where I have a ridiculously large yarn stash and am slowly trying to make my way through a long list of projects. The Mom tells me that there's this great knitting store in town and I'm thinking: okay, I'll go because I always love a good yarn store, but I can't buy anything because I've already got more yarn than you can shake a knitting needle at.

So, we visited the Whole Nine Yarns in Woodstock and can I say, what a fabulous place?!? Its not only got an amazing selection of top quality designer yarns and notions but then it has this glorious sitting area where one can sit and knit! While walking around I saw a lovely little angora hat (made with a multi-colored Louisa Harding angora blend). The store had a free pattern for the hat and it can be made with only one skein! How could I pass that up?

Now I'm home and I can't wait to start making the hat but I've told myself I have to finish my bolero sweater first. Its with Noro Silk Garden and a pattern called Halfobi. Knit all in one piece it is going faster than imagined... Will post pictures soon!!


Thisbe said...

Oh yeah. Blame me. ;)

You *love* it!!!!!

Weef! said...

I know, I do LOVE it! Today I went to the "Christmas in July" thing at the yarn shop and got all these great free patterns! As if I need more!