Sunday, August 30, 2009

All Those Merchant-Ivory Films Look Alike to Me

Last night I was up crafting in the kitchen and had on Encore. It's 11pm and Howards End is coming on. I think to myself, "Oh, I'll go ahead and keep it on". So, it starts and I see Vanessa Redgrave wandering about the country house of the title and I think, "oh, this must be back story, since it's not in the right time period." Then I see Anthony Hopkins and he appears to be the head of the family at the country manor. It was then that I thought, in passing, "gee, when is he going to be the butler? I guess there was a reversal of fortune!" Yeah. That would be "Remains of the Day", not "Howards End", thank you, very much.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Do You Ever Have

one of those days where your entire life seems like a neverending loop of laundry and grocery shopping?

Here's What

Andy Cohen seems drunk on "watch what happens". Am I wrong?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

FYI Lifetime re: Project Runway

Okay, kudos to the folks at Lifetime who have scored Project Runway after the whole hullabaloo with The Weinstein Company and NBC, etc., etc. Kudos further for keeping on board Heidi, Tim and of course our favorite judge Michael Kors (and yes, Nina Garcia, too). Boo for moving the series to L.A. (I have to say, it seems less exciting, since it's not likely that I'll be driving by Mood LA anytime soon, whereas, passing by Parsons has been a regular occurrence throughout the prior seasons). But, most importantly, here are a few pieces of advice, dear Lifetime programmers: Nobody wants to watch re-runs of Reba. I turned on Lifetime at dinner time today hoping to catch a replay of the PR All-Stars and instead I found a two-hour block of Rebas. Then at 8pm... "Drop Dead Diva". Now for all I know Drop Dead Diva could be a great show, but guess what, if it's Thursday night I have no interest in watching it. Take a page from the Bravo Book: Replay, replay, replay. Now that you've got the Runway-- play it constantly on Thursdays. People want to tune in and watch all of the previous episodes and get to know the designers and catch all of the classic Michael-Kors-isms over and over again. Look at Bravo-- all they do is play their series into the ground on the nights that they're scheduled for and guess what-- they Make it Work.

You Are Still in the Running to be America's Next Top Model

Is it just me, or does 90% of what Tyra Banks says sound like its from a fortune cookie?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Food Stuffs!

Over the past few days we've had some fun food adventures. First, for dinner the other night I made Ina Garten's Fresh Pea Soup. It was very easy to make-- I substitutes vegetable stock for some of the chicken stock (but also used some chicken stock) and I used cream instead of creme fraiche. I also didn't serve it with garlic croutons, instead I made goat cheese toasts. It was very easy to make and it was tasty-- the Husband and even Miss B. liked it. Personally, I prefer Ina's Split Pea Soup. I find the Split Pea more favorable, to me the Fresh Pea Soup was a bit like mashed peas.

Then, the next day, Ina's recipes were continued-- I chose to make her Curried Chicken Salad. For the chicken salad you're supposed to bake 6 chicken breasts. Instead, I boiled three breasts and then cut them into cubes once they were cooked. Then I added salt and pepper to the chicken and proceeded to make the curry dressing. The curry dressing includes mayonnaise, chutney (I chose to use apricot chardonnay chutney, rather than Major Grey's, since Major Grey's Chutney contains Mango), curry powder and white wine. You blend these ingredients in a food processor until smooth and then pour that mixture over the chicken. I also tossed in with the chicken diced celery, golden raisins and chopped cashews. I served the chicken salad on croissants and the Husband had picked up salt and pepper potato chips for us. The salt and pepper potato chips were a perfect complement to the sweet chicken salad.

Finally, tonight's dinner was all German.

I had picked up some veal bratwurst at Whole Foods and got some great onion/poppy seed ciabatta rolls to have the bratwurst on. I also made hot German Potato Salad. I used the recipe from Gourmet magazine but also added a bit of beef broth to the potato salad dressing and I also included parsley. I also substituted a red onion for a regular white onion. The potato salad was really authentic tasting, but can I just tell you, nothing says unhealthy meal like German food! Bacon, vinegar, mustard, onions-- do we really need all of these ingredients together? Sure they're tasty, but geesh!


was rented from Redbox. Ugh. I thought this was supposed to be a comedy. Sure, they were out of Duplicity and I just had to rent something.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Kind of Torn

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a scary one, but there's apparently a blog out there called Corporette for high achiveing women who need to look professional but want to remain stylish. Kudos for the effort, but I don't think I've ever seen so many black suits. ;)

Monday, August 24, 2009

More 'Page!

Stew Leonard's

The other day we met up with Mel and Andrew and made our first visit to Stew Leonard's!

Miss B. loved the animatronic farm animals, the petting zoo, the barbeque (but mostly, she liked the home made ice cream)...

And, both Mel and I were impressed when Miss B. shouted that she wanted Chocolate Milk! While we were walking past the dairy case. Now mind you, she's never had chocolate milk and we're still not sure how it is that she knew it was there. It would seem that, at least when it comes to chocolate, Miss B. just might be able to read!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Decoupage House!

Here are some images of the little house ornament that I've been decoupaging. I still have to finish off some of the corners and the windows and laquer it, but I'm pretty happy so far...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazy Storm!

Here is a link to an article from the NY Times from Tuesday. There was a crazy thunderstorm that came through this area on Tuesday night (around 9:15) and by the time it got to New York it felled more trees in Central Park than have come down at once in the past thirty years! Wacky weather!

Dinner Time!

Tonight we had a fun dinner. I did pulled pork in the crock pot, french fries, home made cole slaw and Ina Garten's Jalepeno Cheddar Corn Bread. Can I just say, the spicy corn bread was a great pairing with the cole slaw-- the perfect mix of hot and sweet!

As usual, I should have remembered to cut Ina's recipe in half because I have enough cornbread now to feed an army. For the corn bread you take three cups of flour, one cup of yellow corn meal, salt, sugar and baking powder together in one bowl. In a second bowl mix two cups of milk, three eggs (lightly beaten) and two sticks of butter, melted. Then you mix together the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients with a wooden spoon. Ina tells you not to over mix! Just get the lumps out. Then you add 2-3 jalepenos, diced up (I kept in the seeds for extra spice), three scallions (white and light green parts) and 2 cups of extra sharp cheddar cheese, grated.

Let the batter rest for 20 minutes and pre-heat the oven at 350. Pour into a greased pan (there was enough for one pan of cornbread and then a slew of mini-muffins. Add some extra grated cheese to the tops before baking and then bake for 30-35 minutes or until golden brown.

For the pulled pork, I used a pork shoulder and put it in the crock pot this morning with barbeque sauce, a bit of orange juice, olive oil and some sweet onion slices. I let it cook initially on high for a while and then after an hour or two I moved it to a lower setting. All in all the pork cooked in the crock pot for about 8 hours.

For the cole slaw, I used bagged red cabbage and bagged shredded cole slaw (with carrots). Then I mixed together a half a cup of mayo, 1/4 of a cup of sour cream, salt, pepper, white wine vinegar, 3/4 teaspoon of sugar. Once you mix together the sauce ingredients, pour it over the cabbage and shredded slaw and mix thoroughly. The Epicurious recipe has you setting it out, uncovered, at room temperature for 30 minutes to wilt. You can do this-- it comes out good, but tonight I just put it right in the fridge and then served it cold.

All in all, everything was tasty and it was a great summer meal!

He Said it Himself...

Santino is back!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


After Miss B. hit the hay this evening I got productive. First off I made cheesecake swirl brownies. What can I say, the mix was on sale at Wegman's for 99 cents. Surprisingly, it wasn't bad at all. Usually I prefer Duncan Hines brownies to Pillsbury but these were tasty.

Then it was on to project #2: Make a scarf! I bought what was supposedly "vintage" kimono fabric from Japan months and months ago. Indeed it did come in a very small envelope from Japan, whether or not it is truly vintage kimono fabric is anyone's guess. But it is a pretty neat pattern. Downside? It smelled to high heaven of mothballs. So I kept it in a ziploc bag in one of my various craft bags in the back of a closet for the longest time. Until yesterday. I became determined to do "something" with it. I started out by thoroughly washing it-- and for all intents and purposes, the mothball smell seems to have disappeared. Either that or I've gotten used to it. Let's hope its the former. Anyway, the length of the fabric wasn't quite long enough for a scarf, so I cut it in half lengthwise, attached each half and then had quite a long, skinny piece of fabric. I folded it in half (fabric face to fabric face, creating a tube) and sewed up the side seam. Turned it inside out, ironed it (with the main seam down the middle, kind of like I was making a tie) and then darned in the ends. Pictures to follow! All in all though, a pretty nifty looking skinny scarf!

Then it was on to projects #3 and #4-- more Decoupage! This time I deco'd a little cottage christmas ornament and a letter "H". My Deco technique is improving, so John Derian eat your heart out. The other upside to this much decoupage in one sitting is that I've actually gone through quite a bit of my endless stack o' periodicals. While whittling them down looking for pictures I've actually read a couple of articles while I've been at it. Who knew?

Monday, August 17, 2009


Yesterday was the first day that tickets for the new season at the Met went on sale! We managed to score tickets for both The Barber of Seville and Carmen! How cool is that?

Moving Up!

This evening Miss B. and I headed over to the Marshalls/Home Goods in North Brunswick. We were going to Chipotle to pick up dinner and had a bit of a wait ahead of us, so we figured we'd pop in. I found a neat hurricane lamp style vase for use at an upcoming party and as I'm in line to purchase it who was standing two people behind me? Doug Wilson! from TLC. If I had had my wits about me I should have asked Doug something to the effect of: "What the hell are you doing here at this god-awful Marshalls in the armpit of Central New Jersey we affectionately know as North Brunswick?" But instead, I just said: "I LOVE your show! I was so excited when I saw it was coming back for a new season!" He was very cordial and thanked me. Sadly, I was dressed most unglamourously and Miss B. hadn't napped so she kept yelling "Jelly BEANS!" while we were attempting to check out (see previous post re: What Not To Do at a Saks Fifth Avenue) . But, regardless, it's always fun to see a TLC star (unless, of course, it's a Gosselin, I don't think we'd be that excited to see either Jon or Kate)...


Paul Frank has designed a line of goodies for Target, including kids clothes and accessories adorned with with Miss B.'s favorite: Julius the Monkey.

Also, frighteningly enough, has a great line of Norma Kamali basics at terrific prices. You might want to check it out!

What Size Penguin Are You?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's now 2:21am

and I've just submitted my headshot for consideration as an extra for Sex and the City 2. I love the internet!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's 11:47pm

the Husband is at a bachelor party and I'm at home, watching Steel Magnolias and doing decopauge.


About a month ago I was at the Dollar Spot at my local Target browsing the racks. I was making gift bags for my neice and nephew who we were going to be seeing on our trip to South Carolina. While picking out goodies for the kids I saw a pack of "World Landmark" Flashcards. Miss B. loves decks of cards so I picked them up for her. They've got nice color photos of all sorts of fun places around the globe and information on the back about the locations and cultural significance. Kind of like a UNESCO World Heritage deck of trading cards. Today we were sitting around watching one of the Shrek movies and Miss B. pulled out the deck from her toy bag. I started going through it, telling her the name of the landmark and location as I handed her a card. It goes to show that she really is at that "repeat everything" stage. Not only did she master "Taj Mahal" and "Easter Island Heads" but most impressively was "Neuschwanstein" (only mildly garbled). Perhaps we have a natural born German speaker on our hands. Ach du lieber!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Check This Out!

I found this picture from the Chris Isaak show at the Beacon-- it was on's celebrity sightings page!

Another View on Healthcare

I don't know that I agree with the suggestions posited by John Mackey, CEO of Wholefoods in his WSJ article, but I do agree with opening up the debate and opposing the current healthcare reform proposal!

I Was Just Informed That

Kipper and Tiger are taking the Bus to the Park.

(Actually, they're not-- on the episode we're watching they are taking a walk, but Miss B. thinks they should take the bus to the park.)


hand a toddler an open bag of Jellybeans while shopping at Saks. Even if it is only the Off Fifth Outlet store.

Some things Shouldn't be Sold on Ebay

So, during the playdate from hell one of the Mom's started telling me how she's planning on selling some used bras on Ebay.

She only wore them a few times.

Is there really a market for used undergarments?

I hope not.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday on the way home from the City, Miss B. demanded French Fries. Starting about mid way through the Lincoln Tunnel I kept hearing "French Fries! French Fries!" from the back seat. So, as soon as possible we hit up a McDonald's. I was debating between a large fry and a happy meal. I pull up to the drive through and I was reminded that the current Happy Meal toy is beanie babies. I had previously noticed that one of the beanie baby possibilities is Grimace. I love Grimace, but you never see him anymore at McDonald's. So I asked the drive-thru person what prize was available. She tells me: "a panda" and (after the sound of paper rumpling) "a purple thing." (A Purple thing? You work at McDonald's and you don't know that the purple thing is GRIMACE? Come on people! Educate!) So, I pick the Happy Meal. Luckily I did remember to check the bag before pulling away-- as of course what was our prize? (A skunk-- FYI, just because it's black and white and fuzzy doesn't mean its a Panda!) So I asked to trade it in for "the purple thing". Miss B. approved.

What on Earth??

So, I just heard that Crazy Mom's Thing #1 has "Chemical Magic" camp this week. Last week he was in Aquarium Camp. Earlier in the summer it was Farm Camp. I have to say Kudos to the people who put these things together. I've never heard of so many random concepts designed to fill a child's week. What's next? Sudoku Camp? Hot Dog Vendor camp? Ice Sculpting? Mastering the Art of the Short Story for Publication? Tagalog for Toddlers?

Monday, August 10, 2009


Today Miss B. and I headed into the city for a day of fun with Melanie and Andrew! Given that it was really, really hot today, Melanie had suggested that we visit MoMA. It was a perfect place to spend the day! The "Roman" themed Cafe on 2 is super kid friendly and has a fantastic menu. Miss B. got a nutella, peanut butter and banana panini (very Elvis meets La Dolce Vita) with apple slices on the side. I got a great baked pennetti (aka mac n' cheese). Miss B. also got a glass of her signature "cold milk" which unfortunately, ended up partly on my lap. This is why I was glad that I was wearing pants from H&M. (I have found that as a Mom, the older Miss B. gets the more daring I can be with my outfits, and by daring I mean the greater the percentage of dry-clean only or designer items I can wear on any given occasion). Today I had on a Marc Jacobs top and paired with the H&M pants, thus leaving a 50/50 chance that something would get stained or otherwise require dry cleaning. Luckily it was just the cheap-o pants! Woo-hoo!

Later on, after a visit to the scuplture garden we went back to the cafe for gelato and tiramisu. Then we hit up the MoMA gift shop and design shop. As I mentioned to Mel, for some reason the MoMA stores always whip me into a retail frenzy. They just have such neat stuff! But I got out pretty cheap-- a book for Miss B., a couple of post cards, a birthday gift for the Mom and a Muji purse-sized notepad. (Love the Muji-- it was $1!)

Finally, it was on to a quick sweep through Saks. A great day was had by all!

Organizing an Angry Mob, Part Two

On Friday we hosted a play date. Actually, I'm not really sure that "play date" is the right phrase. Can you still call it a "play date" when there are fourteen people? I think that is nearing Mongolian Horde standards personally, especially when such a number is at my house. Birthday parties, pool parties... the more the merrier. Play dates? Not so much. You see, if it's a birthday party or some other shindig we're throwing then it would be on a weekend and thus, the Husband would be my entertainment wingman and not to mention, certain events even come with Grandparents, so that's even more hands to lighten the load. But a playdate on a Friday morning? I should have my head examined.

I had made this mistake once before, in February, when I had Crazy Mom and two of her brood and a whole slew of other folks over. I was rather exasperated when I found Thing #2 climbing on one of my chairs attempting to molest my taxidermy. I was even more exasperated when, after three hours, instead of the gang hitting the pavement, napping children were stowed in a playtent on the family room floor and it seemed like the house invaders would never leave.

Well, six months had passed and I felt like I had to host one of these things again. Especially since some of the Gymboree moms had begun organizing a "knitting group/playdate" weekly get-together. I had missed the first one of these and then one of the other moms volunteered my house for the second meeting (which, thankfully, happened to coincide with a crisis at The Job, so I had the pleasure of cancelling), finally, I attended the third meeting. I had offered to bring the bagels and was then upbraided by the host-mom who insisted that, since I offered to bring bagels, I would have to arrive ON TIME at 10am since Crazy Mom could only stay for a short bit (and was obviously, entitled to bagels). I arrived at a condo village 15 minutes from my house and had to park in timbuktu and then found Crazy Mom, host mom and no one else. Nobody else showed for more than an hour. But, god forbid I had gotten there 10 or 15 minutes late!

But, enough back story. The same mom who acted as Bagel Nazi then begins sending me e-mail messages about who I should invite. I didn't mind when the first suggestion was another mom we know. I did mind when Bagel Mom asked if she could bring her neighbor (whom I've never met) and her neighbor's three children, the oldest of whom is nine. The addition of all of these folks would have brought the head count up to 20! Like I'm hosting a summer camp or something. Then Bagel Mom suggests that we do everything pot-luck. No complaints from me, right up until she tells us all that she'll be bringing cream cheese left over from last week. I'm sorry, but I have a thing about leftovers. I'm not bringing leftovers to your house, so please don't bring them to mine. Especially not week-old dairy products.

I shopped for this event. Some of the food included: Lunchmeat: One pound of ham, one pound of turkey, 3/4 pound white american cheese (which, sadly, was sliced too thin for some of the moms), 16 yo-kids yogurts, 24 juice boxes (white grape juice and apple juice only), I made 24 mini lemon poppyseed muffins (I had learned from last time NOT to make blueberry muffins), 16 blueberry muffins (very good, made by another mom, unfortunately not stain proof-- so these were relegated to kitchen consumption only), two bags of string cheese, a bunch of bananas, two loaves of bread, one package of pita, grapes, apples, a pear, Cereal bars, lemonade and water. Bagel Mom brought 14 bagels and the aforementioned dubious cream cheese. Another guest brought macaroons. Crazy Mom (who this time brought all three of her darling children, including her 6 year old son) brought nothing (and then seemed disappointed when there was no coffee served).

I had previously done a toy sweep in order to remove from the play area toys of Miss B.'s which either couldn't easily be decontaminated with a clorox wipe or were of the kind which would cause a toddler meltdown (or an adult meltdown) if other kids were playing with them. This included much of Miss B.'s handmade soft play food, her $150 German block set from Grandpa, her Melissa & Doug Pizza Party Set and all art supplies (this turned out to be a wise move as at one point during the event Thing #1and Thing #2 made a beeline for the kitchen screaming for art supplies).

The horde descended upon us quickly. I should have also removed from play the styrofoam Sword, Cutlass and Mace. Thing #1 (aka Crazy Mom's eldest) loved to swing the various foam weapons all around the house and at the other children as if he were a samurai. At one point he attacked Miss B.'s mini Dyson vacuum knocking it over on her. Kids were jumping on and collapsing the play tent, the Thomas train table? Was demolished as if it were the old Penn Station. Small fights would occasionally break out between kids for toys and/or juice boxes and/or food in general. We had lunch. Twice. (Let me not forget the package of hot dogs and buns-- where one mom complained that there weren't turkey dogs and that the 97% fat free hot dogs tasted like sawdust, but she still ate two of them.)

They were here for four hours.

Casualties? The train table still appears to be missing a piece of track.
I'm sure I'll be finding leftover juice boxes hidden in strange places all around the house from now until the holidays.

The cat has just barely come out of hiding. There was a blueberry handprint streaked across the bulk of my island cabinets. Once they were gone I felt like the only way to actually get the house clean was to just hit it with a flame thrower ala Kurt Russell in John Carpenter's The Thing.

Remind me, never do this again. Thanks in advance.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Crafting Update!

So as many of you know, every year so far we've done a theme calendar starring none other than Miss B. Well, preparations are underway for the 2010 calendar. This evening I started sewing up one of the costumes. I also started work on a baby quilt! It is that time again, Baby Shower season. Let the furious knitting and/or quilting begin!

The Women

"No One Hates Saks."

I just watched "The Women" on Cinemax. I've seen it before, and I have to say-- I like it.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Organizing an Angry Mob?

You have to love this new ad sponsored by the DNC. Yes, they're saying that the Republican party is organizing "angry mobs" of citizens to disrupt town hall meetings and otherwise try and stop the "change" that "the American people"
voted for "overwhelmingly" in November.

This type of advertising, together with the request on the White House website to forward emails which seem "fishy" regarding Health Care reform to the White House seems to me to be a bit of a throwback to the Nixon administration.

Perhaps the people who are "angry mobs" at the townhall meeting are simply seeking to exercise their first amendment right of free speech in order to express political discontent.

Perhaps a better way of addressing all of the so-called "misinformation" which "travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation" (i.e. through speech of private citizens) would be to have a clear and concise website which explains EXACTLY what the health care reform plan is, how it will work and what its benefits are.

Hey, maybe we could also do this too: maybe instead of spending billions of dollars in the Cash For Clunkers program (just to take cars off of the road and destroy them-- rather than repurpose or recycle them) maybe we could use some of that money to create jobs. For instance, folks who are on unemployment could work in 311-style phone banks with scripts that describe and explain health care reform and the White House's website could direct citizens with questions to call a 1-800 number to get answers.

But that's just a suggestion. I wonder if this sort of suggestion would put me in that whole "angry mob" category?

Chris Isaak!

Tonight was that time again, time for another Chris Isaak concert! This is the third Chris Isaak concert I've been to in four years and as usual it was a great show! Tonight's concert was back at the Beacon Theater on the Upper West Side-- which is a great venue. As the Husband noted there's not a bad seat in the house. The opening act was Dorian Spencer, followed by Michelle Branch. Chris and the band did a fantastic job as usual and the crowd really got into it (even if I, and the nine year old girl sitting behind us) were the youngest people in the crowd.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Explain to me...

how it is that the government thinks it can take over the country's health care system when it can't even run the Post Office? I love that they site e-mail as a leading factor in the decline of people using the postal service. Okay, that and the fact that they keep raising postage every thirty seconds and at this point sending a package can be done faster, cheaper and more efficiently through FedEx!

"I Feel Great!"

We have a Pottery Barn storage cube in our bedroom. In it are a bunch of toys that Miss B. hasn't played with in a while. One of those toys is bedtime Ernie. Bedtime Ernie is a talking Ernie doll dressed in striped pjs with bunny slippers and a sleep mask. Unfortunately, Bedtime Ernie's batteries must be going because every once in a while (like, for instance, a few moments ago) we'll hear Ernie say, muffled, from inside the storage cube: "I Feel Great!" (This is his post-nap phrase... but oddly, its the only thing we ever hear him say).

Public Enemies

was better than expected. I was rather surprised though that it was no longer playing at Marketfair and had instead been relegated to the Indian movie theater in North Brunswick. And, alas, the "Indian" movie theater has gotten even more Indian since our last visit. Not only did they have giant billboards in the lobby for no less than three Bollywood hits, but the concession stand is now serving Samosas!

Saturday, August 01, 2009


Yesterday we visited Long Beach Island, New Jersey. The weather was nice and as we were sitting on the beach, the Mom said that before we left she wanted to go back to one of the shopping areas and pick up a sweatshirt. Then the Dad asked, why not get some fudge at the same time (as we always get fudge)...

A little while later we noticed some dark clouds and one of the other beach goers mentioned that a storm was on its way so it might be time to leave the beach. We headed back to the car and dropped Mom off at the sweatshirt place just as it started to drizzle.

The plan was to circle the parking lot and pick Mom up after she'd gotten her sweatshirt and gone to the fudge shop.

In the ensuing few minutes all hell broke loose weather wise. It was no longer just a drizzle it was a deluge. It was like hurricane weather. The sky was literally black and the rain was coming down so hard it was ridiculous. We found a parking space opposite where we dropped off the Mom and right in front of the fudge shop.

I checked my email. Just as I was working on my BB, it rang. It was a 201 number. It was the Mom. She was stranded standing next to the novelty schooner in the shopping area and had borrowed someone's cell phone to figure out where we were. I told her we were right in front of the fudge shop. The next thing see is Mom gingerly ascending the steps by the schooner and heading towards the car. The Dad's impression: "that's as fast as she can run right now". Dad then starts pointing his fingers towards the fudge store (as if Mom can see us inside the car, which wasn't particularly likely given the downpour) and he also starts yelling: "Go get the fudge! Get the fudge!".... (ironically, Dad doesn't even eat fudge).

Mom comes to the car window and is *SOAKED*-- I mean, to-the-bone-soaked. I roll down my window and the Dad and I both say: "Go get the fudge!" Mom, bewildered as to why we haven't let her in the car, shoves her shopping bag in the window, as the window is being rolled up...

So. She went in and got some fudge. And some salt-water taffy for the Husband. Mom ran back to the car, I had unlocked it (but the Dad didn't see me do that so he locked it again, which meant Mom spent more needless time getting drenched). Our thought process was, well, you're already wet, so go ahead and get that candy! I don't know if the Mom quite agreed but we did get a good laugh out of it once she got back in the car.