Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nobu 57

So, everybody has been talking about Nobu 57. Not that Nobu itself is anything new, its been around for years, but either way I've never been. Much like how I became an iPod user (after thinking to myself, "Wouldn't it be great if there was a device where I could record all of my cds and carry them around with me", only to discover, yeah that's been around for a while-- its called an MP3 player! Hello!) I decided it would be a good idea to go. So, I made reservations for Friday at 5:45-- nothing like sushi as the early bird special.

The Husband was stuck in loan document drafting hell so 410e9th was nice enough to join me on 57th, no not 47th and not downtown, 57th!

Once we arrived we were informed that there would be a seating in "a few minutes", so after hanging out in the downstairs bar area we went on up to the "host" station. It was quite a scene, there were about 6 or 7 of us waiting to be directed, I felt much like we were at a ticket gate at Newark. One Asian man tried to co-op a seat by walking right past the host station-- this was not well received.

When it was our turn the maitre 'd gave us a good stare down before deciding what table we were worthy of. I being in jeans (though they were 7s, and I had my Chanel bag...) and 410 being in an Old Navy fleece, were regarded as strictly back of the house crowd. Or perhaps it was front of the house-- either way we were conspicuously seated away from the other customers and in a brightly lit area, perhaps with the thought that with lesser ambiance we might eat faster.

As for the food-- the miso cod was by all accounts a "bit fishy", the tempura rock shrimp was very tasty and the sushi was okay-- but honestly not the best I've ever had, and I don't know how much that says since I haven't had much sushi. It was also a first time for green tea for me, and I can honestly say I've never had tea before which actually curled my lip. Anti-oxidants or not, I'll take snapple over green tea any day. While it was certainly an experience-- especially once the two very Bergdorf Blondes with matching mink capes came and sat next to us (clearly the novelty t-shirts they were wearing under the mink subtracted from their fashion points if the end result was that they were seated next to Denim and Old Navy...)-- I doubt I'll rush back to make another reservation... though those rock shrimp were tasty!

Pictures from the Back Yard...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thelma & Louise. A good synopsis.

So, I got the next phrase in a message from Lou:

"I collect cute younger men the way you collect designer bargains at outlet malls."

It is just too apropos and I had to post it! I'm scheduled to go to Woodbury Commons on Saturday!


"Did I hear the magic word: 'Tomorrow'"?
"That was just Anne leaving. On her broomstick."

Trust me, if you knew her, you'd agree, it's spot on.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I have nothing new to add. How boring is that? I feel like my head is going to explode sometime in the near future and they have now turned off the a/c at "the job". Yes, for the past 9 hours it was like a meat locker, once 6pm hits all air circulation stops. I have no idea how long I will be here today and I have already been guilted into participating in "Administrative Professionals" day.

What is an "Adminsitrative Professional" any way? And why is April 26th like their Christmas? When are they going to have an "Associates" day, or just a "Professionals" day when perhaps the tables will be turned and the Administrative Professionals will actually do something helpful like send a fax or collate? Or perhaps a day when the HVAC system stays on all night...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Casting Call... continues

So, last night I got a call at around 8:30 from Grant Wilfley casting. It seems as though they want me to come back for a camera test to be the stand-in for the third principal actress in a new Disney movie. The only twist-- the third principal actress is a child. Not quite sure how I should feel about that. But apparently it would be enough work that I would be eligible to join SAG.... I'll keep you posted!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Casting Call, Day One

So this afternoon I went to the Metropolitan Pavillion where Grant Wilfley Casting Agency was holding a union/non-union open call for the Nanny Diaries.

It was quite a unique experience, considering that I've never done this before. They told us that we should be dressed for the part so on advice from the parents I went dressed as something I knew-- Lawyer. This of course, running the risk of raising eyebrows at the office, with co-workers ever vigilant that one might be escaping to go on an interview. I can't very well explain-- "no worries, I'm going for extra casting!!! wish me luck!"

Anyhoo, I waited from 1:30-3pm-- there were 200 people inside the building when I got there (apparently) and they each had to have their picture taken. Once that was done they let the next batch of 200 in the doors... me included. We went through rigamarole about filming dates, etc. Apparently, no weekends-- eek! and the whopping pay scale of $75.00 for 11 hours. At first I'm thinking, $75 per hour? No, try again, $75.00 total. I guess this is the Ted Turner school of employee pay scale-- you're getting paid just so we make it legal, really you should be paying us because you're getting experience.

Fine, when all of this is said and done I realize I am still like 182nd in line to get my picture taken and meanwhile the real job clock is ticking. So, I asked to go to the head of the line and surprisingly they let me! I filled out some forms and they took one polaroid and one digital picture-- the digital picture was a full length shot-- so good thing I was dressed up.

Out of the 200 in my group there were like 6 people in suits, the rest were in various states of casual dress-- with some of the women in socialite garb, but not many-- and there were nanny types (a few who actually brought live children with them as props!) and a few kids (word of warning right here-- I am *so* doing this when I have children!) and let's not forget some of the freaky people who were dressed like they were at the Renaissance Faire... they were clearly there for the fairy tale movie which was also being cast.

The upside is because I didn't have a head shot they didn't take my resume-- I guess that's good or bad-- at least they can't say they didn't want me because I have no experience, I guess if I get turned down its all based on my looks. Hmpf. I don't know how I feel about that.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


The housework continues. Today it was mostly painting the family room, which, much to my mom's dismay is also painted what can only be described as something else in the beige family. I know none of the rooms have any color, but after you paint one room red you'll soon realize that maybe sometimes with color less is more. I mean, I have one brown room (be it small), one khaki room and now all of the other rooms are just one in a long line of white/beige/cream/vanilla/bone/taupe, but all with much more exciting Ralph Lauren names like "Tennis Court White" (kitchen), "French Riveria" (hallways/foyer)-- We just couldn't bring ourselves to try "Italian Riveria", "Antique Lace" (guest room), "Sisal" (guest bathroom), and then the more abstract: "Trophy" (world's smallest bathroom), "Dovecoat" (bedroom) and now "Fairmont [fill in blank with made-up Ralph Lauren word]" (family room). We wanted to try Kew Place, and there's always "Mexican Feather Grass" but we just couldn't do it. Based on detailed scientific paint chip sample studies (namely, peeling paint on various windowsills) it appears that at some point in our home's not so distant past all surfaces were painted that green color which was popular for refrigerators and stoves in the 1970s (aka "Avocado") then, I'm thinking sometime circa 1983 all interior surfaces which were not otherwise hideously wallpapered were painted a color which either at inception, or though fading became "fleshtone". Do you know what its like to move into a house where all of the walls, trim, doors, ceilings, etc. are flesh color? It leads one to the maddedning task of painting. Something which has continued now for about two years. I noticed today, much to my dismay, that those areas which were painted first are now starting to look dingy. I'm starting to feel like the men who repaint the Eiffel Tower. By the time they reach the bottom, the top is ready for a new coat.

Dinner and Other Unique Events

So tonight it was stir fry. Stir fry is great because it is incredibly easy and you can actually feel like you may be eating healthy. Everytime I go to the grocery store I am taunted by the plastic bags they package your food goodies in with the mantra that you're supposed to be eating 5 fruits and/or vegetables everyday. Okay, when Taco Bell features significantly in one's diet, exactly how do you have 5 fruits or vegetables? How, Stir Fry, that's how!

This evening we hit a record-- 9 different vegetables, and that's not even distinguishing between the different mushroom types! We had bean sprouts (I can't get over how these things just practically melt when you cook them-- how cool is that??), red pepper, orange pepper, green pepper, onion, baby corn (yes! baby corn! can anyone tell me exactly what this stuff really is?), snow peas, zucchini (slices so thin it too practically melts!) and mushrooms (baby bella, shittake and oyster-- though the oyster personally scare me). Then we had some chicken and cashews, a little garlic, grated ginger and a lot of lemon. All of this over yellow rice! We'll not speak of all of the cadbury mini eggs which we had for desert, but dinner surely had to be healthy.

Next food stuff to conquer-- making home made hot and sour soup. I never really thought I would actually cook with tofu, but what the hell!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Monday, April 03, 2006

Knitting on Broadway

So, on Saturday we trekked in to town to see Miss Julia Roberts in "Three Days of Rain" on Broadway at the Jacobs Theater. I had mistakenly thought that I had bought tickets in Row F of the Orchestra, not realizing my seats were actually in Row F of the Mezzanine Orchestra... so our seats weren't the best, but the theater is small so we still got a good gander at the Pretty Woman.

The Husband insisted that I post a blog in his honor when he felt triumphant that Paul Rudd, co-staring with Jules, was the abusive boyfriend in the short-lived Fox series "Reunion". We spent much of the intermission feverishly blackberrying Mr. Rudd on IMDB to no avail. The Husband also insisted that Paul Rudd was also the fiance/husband to Kelli Williams in the Father of the Bride remakes. I am happy to say that I came out on top recalling that it was George Newbern in all accounts.

Ps. Jules was knitting in the first act-- she appeared to be working on the back piece of a green and blue striped sweater. What a fine endorsement for knitting in the work place!