Friday, March 30, 2007

Husband wanted a Blesson in Mobile Blogging

Here we go Blogging from the Blackberry again!!!

Real-Time Blogging

So right now I am sitting in the first aisle seat on NJT train 6034. For some reason the engineer has left the door to his cabin open (and I can see that shockingly we are traveling at 98 miles per hour-- noting if we kept this speed up we could get from PJ to NYC in a flat 30 minutes, but of course, why could we do that?) Most importantly however, the enginer has been reading the New York Daily News-- not just while at a stop, but while operating the train as well.

And why not? After all, yesterday our conductor went to the vestibule in between two cars for a cigarette break. This wouldn't have been so bad but for the passenger standing in the aisle, leaning against the vestibule door who kept inadvertently pushing the "open door" button. (This was after she spilled her coffee on the floor, too). Its amazing to see so many violations of both common sense and homeland security all at once!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Great American Dream Vote...

So we just saw this new show on ABC The Great American Dream Vote. I'm not even going to discuss the whole "Donny Osmond" as host aspect of this show, mainly, I just think they need some contestants with really good "Great American Dreams" such as: (i) moving to France, (ii) Running for President (i.e., would you fund my exploratory committee?), (iii) wining the MegaMillions Cash Payout? What do you think?

Six Weird Things... here goes...

So Ana tagged me to come up with six weird things about myself. Here goes.

1. Boo Boo Kitty: Ever since I was about seven I have had this stuffed Kliban "Momcat" pillow which I affectionately named "Boo Boo Kitty" (after Shirley's stuffed cat from Laverne & Shirley). Boo Boo Kitty is uniquely shaped and perfect for shoving under your neck for additional support when you sleep. The original Boo Boo has long since disintegrated and thankfully my parents have scoured the globe and ebay to replace it many times over. I have quite a collection of Kliban pillow cats these days. Let it be known that I brought Boo Boo to the top of the Eiffel Tower and I also have a picture of Boo Boo next to the Grand Canal in Venice. Yes, I'm 31 and I sleep with a stuffed animal. Sue me.

2. Miss Kitty's Secret Life: I think it's perfectly normal, but often I get odd looks when I talk about my cat as though she were a person. I like to imagine that my cat has a secret life (including having worked at Taco Bell-- she had to take the bus there, and once there wear a full-body hair net), she has a small gambling problem (too many nights left alone to play poker with the deer who live in the back yard) and she did, after all, graduate from Sarah Lawrence. What? It makes life more fun. Trust me, if you knew her, you'd agree.

3. Jeopardy!: One of my life goals (as yet unaccomplished) would be to be a contestant on Jeopardy. This all stems from the fact that I used to read the Book of Lists and World Book Almanac as a child. I was also the quiz bowl captain in high school, not to mention that at my first quiz bowl competition in middle school I will never forget that we lost to Mabry because I let the team go with "Patton" instead of "Montgomery" as to who was the head of the Allied Forces in Europe during WWII. I knew it was Montgomery and I said as much but the group wanted to go with Patton. That's the last time I allowed my destiny to be governed by mob rule.

4. Apocalypse Now: I saw Apocalypse Now when I was four. My dad and I always went to the movies on Saturday afternoons and that was one of our picks. Though some might find this a bit drastic for a four year old, I was much more scarred by the fact that one Saturday I wanted to see "The Main Event" with Barbara Streisand and Ryan O'Neal and instead my dad got us tickets for "The Champ" with Jon Voight and Ricky Schroeder.

5. Speaking of Barbra... I do a damn fine rendition of both Barbra Streisand's and Barry Gibb's parts in their duet "Guilty" (that being said, I can also sing the Bee Gee's part, too...)

6. Mel Gibson: Before Mel went crazy, I was quite a fan (actually, my uber-fan Mel Gibson status actually started to wane long before he went crazy and more along when he started to age badly...) none the less, my mom and I did the "College Tour of the East Coast" when I was a junior in high school and we included a visit to Bowdoin in Maine. This was mainly because (a) we had wanted to go to Maine, and (b) Mel Gibson was filing "The Man Without a Face" in Rockport. On the day of my Bowdoin interview, mom and I snuck onto the movie set. I never made it to Bowdoin.

And an extra odd fact, for good measure:

7. Upon admission to Cornell I learned that I would be entering the class in January, with about 80 other students in the Arts College. We were given the names and addresses of everybody coming into the class in case we wanted to coordinate or get to know some of our fellow classmates before attending. I wrote a form letter and sent it to everyone on the list. It was a great ice breaker when I got there-- suddenly, I was the wacky girl who wrote the letter. Ironic, because I am totally anti-social and hate to talk to people I don't know, yet at the same time, I tend to be self-destructive in this vein and do things like writing a letter to 80 people I don't know, joining the college's PR club, working as a tour guide and an RA. I'm like the classic agoraphobic/claustrophobic.

Next I tag Texas Jack and 410E9th. Ps. I didn't go into pregnancy related oddities here because the list would far exceed 6 items. Btw, Ana, I totally hear you about the wide feet.

Discrimination, at a law firm?

I hadn't heard of this guy Aaron Charney until Thisbe mentioned it. That brought me to Anonymous Lawyer's March 26th post which I think accurately sums up a lot of law firm culture. Law firms discriminate against a lot of things-- one of my favorites from Anonymous Lawyer's list includes: (i) people who like to spend time with their families, (ii) people who have hobbies, (iii) thin people, (iv) fat people, (v) people who laugh, (vi) people who don't laugh. Basically, the point is its a club, with an ever changing set of criteria for admission.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Birthday Shout-Out

It's Alitheia's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Lithe!

Giada's Onion Soup...

On Sunday afternoon we were watching "Everyday Italian" with Giada-- the episode was the "best of GDL Foods" and included reciepes from her days as a personal chef. While the Husband was horrified by the sandwich cookies that required three whole sticks of butter, we were both intrigued by Giada's onion soup. It seemed easy enough to make-- sautee thinly sliced onions, a tablespoon of fresh thyme, some salt, some pepper and 4 cups of beef stock. Serve with a piece of chunky bread (with some fontina melted on top)... I made french onion soup a few weeks ago, but I thought I would go ahead and try Giada's version. I picked up the needed goodies at Wegmans and when I got home tried it out. I used one and a half really big sweet onions-- sauteed in a bit of olive oil and butter--- don't tell the Husband!, one box of beef broth, one tablespoon of chopped fresh thyme, a dash of salt and a dash of pepper. Unfortunately, I left the stove for a few minutes too long while the onions were sauteeing and they got a bit stuck to the bottom of our stock pot, but as I said to the Husband-- that's what wine is for! I deglazed the bottom of the pot with a bit of marsala wine and then added the beef broth. All in all the soup was very easy and very tasty (and I was also very excited that I was able to use the broiler to melt our fontina while at the same time baking brownies in our top oven and *not* blow a fuse!)

For next time I would recommend trying a mix of fontina and gruyere-- gruyere is a bit sharper, and the addition of the marsala wine was nice too. ps. the Brownies (straight from the Duncan Hines box) were tasty too!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Car Shopping...

We went car shopping again this weekend. May I just mention that Ray Catena's Mercedes dealership looks like the interior of Scarface's mansion? I actually thought Al Pacino would come out of the back and snort cocaine off the floor (except it might be too difficult on the red shag carpeting). I can actually say I've never seen a car dealership that looked more gaudy. As for the cars? Who needs satisfactory braking capacity?

Topiary Llamas

I think this explains how lottery winners lose their fortunes.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Goody's Jamaican Fish Fry

Yesterday I was in the kitchen on the 27th floor getting cups of ice (as 27th floor ice is far superior to 38th floor ice) and hitting up the snack machine. Out in the hallway I heard two office workers chatting up Goody's Jamaican Fish Fry in Queens. I was quite surprised to see that Goody's is actually recommended by the NY Times.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sticky Feet

Sticky feet are generally two words that you'd prefer not to hear together. This morning on the train I was sitting in the middle seat of a three person bench and the Husband was facing me in the two-seater immediately across from where I was. There was a woman asleep next to the Husband. What this means is that five people were jammed into an area where really two, maybe three at most should be. Given that I had on the puffy coat and the women on either side of me also had on winter garb, were carrying large bags and one even had a laptop out there wasn't much room to move around. A few minutes after leaving PJ I felt a plastic bottle roll and hit my feet. Around New Brunswick I sort of noticed that my feet felt cold and wet. This whole time I was engaged in coversation with Wendy from Click! Modeling Agency, so my mind was not fully focused on my feet, but as time kept passing I started to realize, "wait a second, my feet don't just feel wet, they *are* wet".

I looked down and through the throng of body parts filling up the void between the two sets of train seats I notice liquid and the tell-tale plastic bottle. It seems as though someone behind us had brought a Pepsi with them and then gave it the old heave-ho, with or without the cap affixed. This probably wouldn't have been a problem if I hadn't been wearing my Patricia Green ballet flats with the leather bottoms.

(Truth be told, I had seen that it might rain this morning and I had intended to wear my converse clown shoes or my keds but didn't have time to pull them out of the closet thanks to the fact that Miss Kitty had decided to go into hiding in order to avoid being sequestered to the kitchen while the contractors are roaming free inside the house...) had I been wearing the converse, the keds, my wellies, or just about any other commuting shoe I would have been impervious to the Exxon-Valdez of Pepsi spills. Instead I got wet, sticky feet.

I had to sit for the rest of the train ride with my feet suspended so as to limit the amount of Pepsi-shoe seepage. What was the worst was when I got off the train and had to walk on my heels from Track 4 to the Subway (and then to my office) trying not to actually step on the part of my shoe now inundated with soda.

I tried to console myself by thinking: "I'll go to JCrew and buy those leopard print ballet flats" but then the more prudent side of me said: "Not for $225 you won't" I went on the Gap's website to do some shoe scouting and found that they too have leopard print ballet flats (are we sensing a theme?) and they were only $49.50. Unfortunately, my local Gap didn't have my size. I settled for a plain pair of black ballet flats (with a RUBBER sole), down side is they are elasticized and that doesn't mix well with pregnancy feet-swell.


So, we're slowly making progress in the Smallest Nursery in Middlesex County! Don't you just love the bare lightbulb chic? We have ordered a semi-fixed chandelier thanks to the folks at Capitol Lighting... now I'm just on the look-out for light pink silk chandelier shades. I have small obsession with chandelier shades and am hopeful that the Pottery Barn will unveil new colors for spring! Also, we've tentatively selected Benjamin Moore's "Voile Pink" for the walls, alas, the yellow paint chips we selected, when set off against the exposed brick made the room look way too much like the interior of Serafina.

Next mission, BR Perone is painting the trim (once its installed, that is), and we're having the floors refinished. Let's not forget, too, Carol at Agee Woodworking has been given specs and pictures of our scary chimney and I'm hoping to get a decent quote for a mantle...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wanda Sykes

More and more often lately upon receiving a good kick or whack from Baby G, all I can think of is Wanda Sykes saying the following line from "Monster-in-Law": "I think you dislocated my vagina!"

ps. How Cool is This?

I just posted that last entry from a mobile pda. I'm actually on the train right now (traveling through Elizabeth, of all places)! I feel very technologically connected. Now if only I could figure out how to get my tiVo to work right...

Rumble in the Bronx

Last night at about 12:30am I was up in the bedroom getting ready to iron clothes for today. As I'm standing there about to plug in the iron I hear this gigantic bbbbbrrrrrummmmmmmppppppth! Rumble that sounded like a freight train.... Accompanying this noise was a clear vibration of the entire room. It scared the hell out of me. It actually sounded like all of the slate fell off of the roof in one fell swoop and that if I wasn't careful I would soon be falling through the floor to the living room. After a moment or so I realized that it had to be snow coming off the roof. ALL of the snow. Ever, even some snow left over from 1972. I peered out the little window in the front of the bedroom and couldn't see much. I went downstairs and looked out the front window. Damn if the entire walk wasn't now covered in a giant layer of ice and snow, which continued across the whole front of the house. Note to self-- after a snow/ice storm, go in and out through the garage for a week of so.

Monday, March 19, 2007

More Random Thoughts...

The Post Office is going to paint 430 Mailboxes to look like R2-D2 for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars (and as a promo for the launching of Star Wars stamps)... okay, how many of the 430 mailboxes do we think *aren't* going to be stolen?

Saw 300 this weekend. It is truly a film crafted for 13 year old boys. I managed to get through it though by being in a movie-food induced haze thanks both to a jumbo hot dog and nachos. The irony is that the nachos go stale after about 5 minutes of being exposed to air so you really have to act quickly and decide-- do I want to eat the hot dog while its hot or the nachos before they go stale? A true question for the ages.

Two other important things I learned while at the movie theater: (i) Ocean's Thirteen opens on June 8th. While this pregnancy may keep me away from my 10 year college reunion, I will be at the theater to see George and (ii) for any movie I go see between now and my due date I so totally need to sit in an aisle seat. You just can't have access to a gi-normous soda and not have to pee within twenty minutes of the opening credits.

The contractors are at the house today putting up the drywall. By the time we get home we expect that they'll have put up the rest of the drywall and begun the whole messy joint compounding process. The cat is keeping an eye on them. She already has construction foreman experience from when we did the master bathroom. At this rate, she's going to ask for a raise and better benefits (all to support that small gambling habit)...

This morning on the subway I encountered a man wearing a black and gold lame puffy jacket with a man-fur collar. Who needs a subscription to Vogue when you ride the MTA?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My SuperSweet Sixteen

Many women, while pregnant, watch those shows on Lifetime and The Discovery Channel like "World Birth Day", "A Baby Story", etc., etc. and get freaked out by the various difficulties shown on each episode. Me? The show that has so far freaked me out the most about being a parent-- MTV's "My SuperSweet Sixteen". I guess I'll have to start saving now for that trip to Paris to buy a "Pink Barbie Dress" and to hire 3 Six Mafia out of retirement. Let's not even discuss the cars.

What on earth has being a teenager become? For my sixteenth birthday (or it may have been seventeenth, I really don't remember)... we all hung out at my house having Domino's Pizza and then we went to the Dollar Theater to see Thelma & Louise. Texas Jack then emulated one of the scenes from the movie in the Volkswagen-wagen after the show in the parking lot. (Power backwards!) This was as exciting as it got, and damn it, it was good enough for us!

I Scream, You Scream...

I find that Baby G really seems to enjoy when I eat Ice Cream Cake.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before...

The other day when I visited my obstrician, she essentially told me that every ache and pain I'm experiencing is "normal". While she did give me a few symptoms that, if experienced, should warrant a call, I really can't tell you how many times I've heard the same spiel about the "round ligaments" and how they're causing all of my various cramping, back pain, leg pain, etc., etc.

Given this, yesterday I had a little imaginary conversation with Dr. Perez. You see, I was generally stressed out, having to do too much stuff before getting on a conference call which I knew was going to last forever (indeed, the conference call lasted for 3 hours, and I was the leader...!). My whole stomach/abdomen area felt like a rock, hence, the following imaginary conversation:

Me: "I feel like I have a Klingon in my stomach."

Dr. Perez: "Oh, that's normal. Now, if you suspect the Klingon may be ready to launch a Bird of Prey out of your stomach, or if you think it's harboring a Romulan in there, then call me."

Me: "Damn, I knew I should have mentioned a Romulan."

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Things You Don't Want to Hear...

Email Chain from the Job:

From: Member of One of Those Perky Southern California Offices
To: All US!
Re: [Insert BigFirm Name] Bicycle Jerseys and Shorts

We're working with a client of the firm to produce bicycyle jerseys and shorts with the firm logo. We did this in years past at [California Firm that merged with BigFirm] and everyone can attest to the quality of these jerseys. See link below for a picture, we may or may not be able to use the Lance Armstrong Foundation Logo. Due to price constraints, we have to charge $50 per jersey and $45 per pair of shorts, but they're really worth it! Let us know if you're interested in placing an order!!

From: Tax Partner
To: All US!
Re: [Insert BigFirm Name] Bicycle Jerseys and Shorts

On behalf of those of us whose physique is better suited to sports other than bicycle racing: if you're going to order Sumo loincloths (sorry, I don't know the correct Japanese term) with the firm logo, let us know.

From: Random Woman Employee #2213
To: All US!
Re: [Insert BigFirm Name] Bicycle Jerseys and Shorts

And what about Moo Moo's [sic] for the ladies!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The RomBer Debacle

Last Week MSNBC ran a little reality show blurb about how viewers reacted to Rob and Amber being chosen for the Amazing Race All-Stars. This week MSNBC post's more reader responses... Personally, I liked Rob and Amber. They're both troublemakers, they're tough, they have fun and they make the game a real competition. That being said I think both when they lost the $1M the last time around it was fixed and I think when they were booted off on Sunday it goes to show that the Amazing Race is fixed. I really can't believe that Mirna and Charla could not be beaten by RomBer in a foot race...

Space-Time Continuum....

Last night while we were watching Baby G move across my stomach, the Husband says that, if she lives a long and healthy life she could get to see the year 2100 (we had, after all, been watching the Star Trek Enterprise marathon on SciFi)... I reply: "Yes, it's very exciting, but then she'd have to buy all new checks."

Monday, March 12, 2007


Yesterday I made my weekly jaunt to Wegman's. Part of my shopping trip took me into the Wegman's World of Wine department. I needed vodka. While looking for Vodka I managed to find a small bottle of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio that I thought the Husband would like. I picked this up and then continued my search. Not only did I need vodka, but I needed little airplane bottles of vodka. As a search through the whole place turned up nothing but giant bottles, I asked one of the sales people (and I was rather surprised... though perhaps I shouldn't have been... when he opened his mouth and sounded like a life long patron of Moe's Bar...) he advised that they keep the little bottles up at the cashier's stand. Let me just mention that due to my current state I am no longer able to wear my wedding band and over the weekend also was not wearing my engagement ring. So, there I go, six months pregnant, no wedding ring or engagement ring, heading up to the counter with my bottle of white wine and my request for two airplane size Vodkas. Needless to say the look on the cashier's face was priceless. I seriously think that she was under the impression that I was going to be knocking back the airline bottles *while* I grocery shopped. (Not to say that a weekend visit to Wegman's wouldn't drive someone to drink).... but I really felt like I needed a sign around my neck saying: "Making Vodka Sauce, will burn off!" Honestly. Before I go shopping I usually like to have two or three meals planned out for during the week. The plan for Wednesday is Penne alla Vodka. Page 215 of the Gourmet cookbook. Honest.

Who Killed My Blackberry?

Daylight Savings Time.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

More Contractors... and car dealers...

This morning a representative from Julius H. Gross Painters came by the house at 8:30 on the dot to give us an estimate for interior trim painting... we got a quote from the folks at Julius' establishment a few years ago for roughly $5250.00. We're hoping that since we've replaced the bulk of the windows since then (meaning, no need to paint all of the window grills) the price will have come down. At the end of the day, I'm expecting it will come in at $5200.

Next on the schedule was to be Maryanne Applegate from Applegate woodfloors. We had originally arranged for Ms. Applegate to come by the house last week at 7:30am but she was a no show. We gave her a second chance (noting that she made no effort to reschedule with us)... today she was supposed to arrive between 10:30am and 11:00am. We joked that we would be annoying and call her by varying names such as Appleseed, Appletree, Peachtree, etc., etc. but unfortunately we didn't get the chance. Again, a no show. Not even a call! So much for customer service!

ps. on another front, today we went looking at cars... visiting the BMW dealer in Flemington was good because they had a ton of different models on the showroom floor and no one even once approached us to ask if we needed assistance... (normally that would be offputting, but we generally don't like to talk to people and since we had no intention of actually making a purchase from this particular dealership, being able to sit in all of the cars and critique them unbothered by a sales associate was a good thing).... next I convinced the Husband to go across the street to the Porsche dealer since I had read in last week's NY Times that the Cayenne now comes in 3 price points... The only problem with this scenario is that the Porsche dealer in Flemington is also an Audi and a VW dealer and I guess the salesmen there are more informed about those other brands because we walk in to the showroom and they have only 2 Porsche (no Cayenne) on display and a slew of random VW's... One of the salesmen approaches us and it actually appeared that I knew more about the Cayenne than he did. I made the mistake of starting off by saying "I saw in the New York Times..." and then things went downhill from there. He tells us that he may have "one" new one outside but that it's being testdriven. We go outside and there are actually 3 in the lot-- one at each of the three price points! I guess they must not sell many of those in Flemington...

Friday, March 09, 2007

Bored out of My Mind...

Okay, it's 2:01pm. When can I leave here???

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tripp Trapp Chair by Stokke

Design within Reach has been having a sale (through Monday, I believe) whereby mostly everything they carry is 10% off. This was a perfect opportunity for me to buy our high chair, the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair. What made it doubly exciting is that for some reason all "DWRjax" kids products benefit from free shipping! Since I love a good sale I ordered the chair over the weekend and was promtply told via email that some part of my order is on backorder and won't be available for at least a month. Fine, I think, no big deal, we've got time and then yesterday part of the order arrives. Tonight, the rest of the order arrived. So much for that whole "backorder" thing. But no complaints from me in that department. However, it was rather disappointing when I noticed that the Tripp Trapp chair arrived in essentially a flat box.

"Welcome to parenthood!" the box exclaimed-- if it doesn't require a AA battery, then it will require an allen wrench. Get used to it.

The Ever Changing Landscape of Route 1

This evening on the way home I noticed that Carkhuff's Garden Center in North Brunswick has gone out of business. I guess that "firewood and birdseed" business model just didn't pan out.

Laugh and the Whole World Laughs With You, Sneeze and its Goodbye Seattle!

The elevator doors at the Job seem to be pretty thick. As I was heading down for lunch this afternoon, just as I arrived at the ground floor I heard a loud SNEEZE! (this was somewhat troubling as I was the only person in the elevator car (other than Baby G) and neither I nor Baby G had sneezed. The doors opened and there was the sneezer. It's never good when you can actually hear a sneeze through 6 inch thick steel doors. You just know you're walking into Germville on your way out.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Heroes...."The Parasite"

As Dave noted, I have more questions than answers... either way a few things to ponder... thoughts?

First: Linderman-- I was hoping for someone more rough and tumble (James Coburn perhaps, but he may be dead). Either way, do you think Linderman has some special power?

Who is Nathan and Peter's mom working for? Do you think she is the person who gave Claire to the Company in the first place?

Is the Company working with Linderman?

What's the story with Nathan.... Everytime he seems like he'll be an okay person, something else happens that makes him slimy.

How could Bennett not have seen the whole episode with his "wife" unfolding?

At least Simone is really out of the picture....

Poor Suresh-- he's such an idiot!

Does Sylar not realize that Peter can heal?

And, what triggered Niki to snap out of it vis-a-vis Jessica? She could use Claude's help!

Vanilla Sky...

We buy some sort of Glad Odor Shield kitchen garbage bag. They come in a box of 40 and are 13 gallon, or thereabouts. Usually the "odor shield" is presumably some sort of invisible, odorless odor shield because I've never particularly noticed it before. On Sunday the Husband accompanied me to the grocery store and while I was stocking up on a variety of cat food he volunteered to pick up the garbage bags. When we got home I happened to notice that the box of garbage bags was just ever so slightly different than our usual box. This one had a picture of a vanilla bean and a vanilla flower and stated: "New Vanilla Scent!"

Okay, who at Glad decided this would be a good idea? I hate the smell of vanilla generally (its too musky and always reminds me of the inside of a nasty cab...) now we're going to try and mask the smell of rotting garbage with this scent? Are you crazy? And, I don't know what sort of Roswell technology they've used to imbue the scent of Vanilla in these plastic bags but whatever they've done it works-- you can't air them out. It's potent. Everytime now that we open up the lid to our kitchen trash can you're slapped in the face by a combination of last night's dinner and vanilla. Needless to say, we have about 37 bags left if anyone wants them.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cereal Olympics...

I've recently been eating Frosted Flakes for breakfast once I get to the office... we have a little newstand in the lobby of our building and they stock a bevy of snack foods and other goodies including little cups filled with various cereals. There was a short span of time where they kept running out of Frosted Flakes and I would have to buy Corn Flakes and manually frost them, but lately they've had a good stock. (What can I say, I can't do cheerios or Special K.... bleech!)

Each cereal bucket is $1.75. I usually have $2 tucked away in a secret pocket of the puffy coat, but every once in a while I actually have exact change. This morning was one of those days.... I walked in the north entrance of the newstand, saw a woman dawdling next to the travel magazine section and knew that if I wanted to get to work on time I had to beat her to the register. I reach up with my right hand and grab my Frosted Flakes, while at the same time continuing to walk through the newstand and getting out my $1.75 in exact change from my pocket with my left hand. I make eye contact with the cashier... he rings me up as I approach the register. I hand him my cash and am out the south entrance in record time. I have left the magazine browser in the dust. It was like a cereal-retreival time trial. Who says Wheaties is the only breakfast of champions?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Smallest Guestroom in Middlesex County

As a companion piece to the "Smallest Bathroom in Middlesex County" shown early last year, above are pictures from the "Smallest Guestroom" soon to be "Smallest Nursery in Middlesex County". The initial pictures are the "semi-before"... I got in with the camera just as the Husband had begun demolition, and the after speaks for itself. The electrician is finishing his work tomorrow so we will no longer have wiring from the time of Thomas Edison (not to mention, the electrician has already separated out the guest bathroom from the original circuit which included the guest room, library, dining room and guest bedroom... thankfully the guest bathroom is now even, gasp, GFI! And, this means too you could theoretically dry your hair in the bathroom and iron something in the guest room and *not* blow a fuse! Woo-hoo!) This time around we're using a contractor (pictures and stories to follow, I'm sure...) and they've advised that they should be starting at the end of this week. The plan is to keep the brick chimney exposed and paint the walls a light buttery yellow (I'm thinking something from the Benjamin Moore palette). Thoughts?

Baby Sweater!

Above is my first baby sweater! Of course, as usual, it seems to be much larger than it should be... it is being passed on to a co-worker and in theory hopefully her little boy will be able to wear this before he turns 5! Now I have to make at least one vegetable hat and a blanket for other expectant moms out there.... I'm also starting work on a little pink shrug for Baby G! :)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Battered and Bruised

This morning's train adventure started with me getting an elbow to the eyesocket while trying to board the 8:23. Luckily there was no swelling or bruising, but I did loudly say multiple times to the man who hit me "YOU ELBOWED ME IN THE EYE!" Needless to say this caught the attention of the other riders and the Husband who then spewed a few choice expletives at the offending individual. I know that it wasn't done intentionally, but when you're boarding a train with a bazillion other people try not to readjust your shoulder bag by raising your arm and extending your elbow out as far as possible because the likelihood of hitting another individual is inordinately high.

Next came the subway. Just as a fun surprise for this morning's riders they decided to run the #1 local train on the #2/3 express track (though it appeared it may have just been a change of equipment because then the #2 express train was running local on the local track). This confused everyone but was a fun experiment as it appeared that they hadn't actually run any trains within a 45 minute increment so essentially the equivelant of the entire population of Central America was standing on the platform. We managed to make it on board the train miraculously, though completely smushed up against the "closing doors". Of course, at 50th street (the first stop where the doors which we were becoming so intimately aquainted with opened) we had the wise guy behind us say "Excuse me, coming through" the minute they opened, as if we didn't intend to also exit at that stop!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Today I am wearing what I like to call my Pregnant Ninja outfit from Liz Lange. It's all black, very ninja-esque and feels like I'm still in my pajamas. I have to say the Liz Lange clothes (from her real store, not the crap that's at Target and designed for Amazon Women from the Moon) has really been terrific. When I was at the store on my small spending binge (thanks to gift card money from the Mom and Dad) the sales lady claimed that I would "live" in the pants I am currently wearing and I have to say, I can see what she means. My outfit consists of black pants made out of some sort of Roswell technology microfiber and a matching black v-neck top with a criss-cross front that ties in the back. It is super comfy and yet at the same time is actually presentable enough to wear to work (noting, however, that to get to work I was wearing my ninja outfit with my purple converse clown shoes (too much salt on the ground en route to the office to wear my ballet flats with the thin leather soles...) hence I had to quickly change shoes upon getting to the office... I wouldn't recommend the purple converse low tops in an office environment). Anyhoo, props to Liz, the clothes are comfy, stylish and very wearable!