Monday, April 30, 2007

The Weekend...

So this weekend was relatively uneventful. We were getting ready for the big floor refinishing job which meant that on Saturday we had movers visit the house to move the big furniture into a POD. Yes we have a POD in our driveway. We're just hoping now that no one comes with a large flat bed truck and drives it away.

Oddly enough the Husband and I changed roles during the move. Normally I am the one who abrubtly loses patience with people working in our home and insists that they stop what they are doing and leave (case in point-- painters, after they broke two radiators, pool repair people, etc., etc.) this time, the Husband kept getting more and more agitated every time the movers would nick a doorway and/or piece of furniture. Let's not even discuss how one of the moving men overflowed one of our toilets (which makes for the first time in three years such an event has even occurred!) Finally, after the movers allowed part of the bedframe to fall on the Husband's violin he decided that's it! OUT!

To be fair, both movers looked like they had recently been parolled and I'm hoping that they didn't see anything they thought was valuable during the move process otherwise they'll be our first suspects if the POD does get hauled away.

During the moving debacle I left the house to pick up lunch and run some errands. First stop? DSW shoe warehouse. I am not a fan of DSW, I don't like their return policy and for the most part I've never found really great shoes there, but I needed pregnancy shoes. Something preferably made by Keds or a flip flop, I figured DSW was the right place. Yes, I have reached that sad point in pregnancy where I needed to buy new shoes. I have always been a size 7 though recently many shoes required me to wear a 6 1/2 (which I attitributed to a change in international shoe sizing protocol, rather than that my feet were shrinking) Now I am squarely a 7 1/2. I do hope the feet eventually go back to normal, for now though, I purchased a pair of Keds flip flops (the best of both worlds) though sadly they didn't come in any normal colors so they are a light green with some sort of Hawaiian print on them. I was desperate, my Jimmy Choos are so ashamed of me right now. I also bought a pair of black sandals by Nine West (which are exactly the same sandals I bought a month ago in a size 7).

Next I found myself crusing the racks at, gasp! Old Navy. What can I say, I needed to buy pajama pants for the hospital bag and I needed another pair of pants.

Later in the day we made a run to Dairy Queen and Barnes and Noble.

Sunday was spent finishing up the move and generally hanging out. For dinner I elected to try and recreate one of our favorite dishes from Serafina-- Farfalle di Limoncello (bowtie pasta in a lemon cream sauce with shrimp and peas). Once again I got to freak out the people at the Wegman's wine store by purchasing a bottle of liquor.

Today I am working from home while the guys from Blue Knight Hardwood Floors begin the refinishing process. For some reason our internet is no longer working in the family room, my blackberry isn't functioning and earlier today we had no dial tone. Suddenly it's like I live on the dark side of the moon (only with a very loud vacuum cleaner sound coming from overhead). Yup, I'm stuck in the kitchen (listening to the refinishing equipment). Hmpf.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happiest Baby on the Block

This morning we watched the "Happiest Baby on the Block" video. It was scary and Dr. Harvey Karp is a creepy blend of Kevin Klein and Bradley Whitford (yeech!) but the best part of the whole experience was when we tested out the "sample soothing sounds" which accompany the DVD. Within moments of playing the "unique womb sound for crying babies" the Cat was out like a light.

Friday, April 27, 2007

It Never Ends...

Query from partner in charge: "What time are you hoping to leave this evening?"
Always great when that question is posed at 4:42pm on a Friday. When you're 8 months pregnant.

Gee, I don't know, what time am I looking to leave? Sometime before I go into Labor spontaneously from this uncomfortable chair you have me sitting in? Let's not even mention that at this point I can't have shoes on. (Yes, I wore Wellies to work due to the rainy weather-- thankfully LL Bean's idea of a Wellie is about as wide as a dinner plate so I was able to shove the gun boats in to those, but they're not really appropriate office wear...) Now my left foot has swollen beyond the ability to fit into either my ballet flats or my heeled mules.

I had to stumble out of my office to go to the printer and I decided not to even bother with the whole "shoe" thing and just went barefoot. I was hoping to go unnoticed but of course the machine was out of paper so I'm standing there next to the secretarial station barefoot and pregnant.

Anyhoo, my response to the inquiry (as it related to review of an email, discussion of the same and now revision and circulation) was that I didn't have a particular time in mind (POLITE LIE) but that I was "losing steam". Losing Steam? Yeah, I lost steam at about 12:30 this afternoon, actually, revise that. I lost steam this morning at 9:19 as the train was pulling in to Penn Station. Nothing like a few Braxton Hicks contractions on the way from Penn, through the subway and to the office building to remind one that I really shouldn't be travelling anymore.

Now it is 5:24, any hopes of leaving at 5 are dashed. Now have to hope to be out by 6, probably meaning that I'll be on the 6:30 train and at PJ until 7:30, not home until 7:45 or possibly 8 depending.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Earth Day....

This is all Texas Jack's fault. You see, back when she was pregnant with her oldest son she and her husband painted her belly to look like a pumpkin (it was, after all, Halloween). Ever since we've all been intrigued by this. Ironically, just the other day Texas Jack pointed out that this time in my pregnancy is the perfect time for belly painting. Before you ask any questions-- yes, it is completely NON-TOXIC. Thanks to our friends at I was able to locate the "Proud Body" Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit (after the Mom and I came up short on visits to both Michael's and Ulta Cosmetics...) The Kit utilizes "Snazaroo" face paint and Voila! in just under an hour we've got a giant globe painted on my belly.
Baby G proved to be very cooperative, though I'm sure she was wondering... "What the hell is going on out there???"

Monday, April 23, 2007

More Wagon News...

Can I be annoying and sing the praises of my Wagon? Apparently, the Dad thinks I am getting in touch with my "maternal" side and am expressing this through the wagon purchase. Perhaps this is true on a subconscious level, but mostly I just like the cargo room. What can I say, I love filling up the back of a car with crap! We've already loaded it up with dry cleaning, carried home groceries and a microwave, been to the outlet mall, and I am still awaiting my cargo mat-- once I have that, my hauling capacity shall be limitless! Not to mention that it came with one of those nets that goes up behind the back seat and trunk area, in case you're travelling with pets. I may have to borrow someone's dog just to try it out!

And, let's talk about the gas tank. I know this is not a logical distinction (because at the end of the day I'll be filing up the wagon more often than the X5) but it's got a tiny gas tank. The X5 has a 24 gallon tank. The Wagon about 15. We went to fill it up for the first time (thanks to spending cash courtsey of the Dad) and it was a mere $33.00! That was for 93 octane! I've had fill-ups in the X run $70. Sure, years ago even the $33 would have sounded like a ridiculous amount of money, but hell, these days with the price of gas making you feel like you're in Europe but without the food or scenery, I'll take the $33.

Finally, I know, I know, it's a station wagon. How fun can that be, right? Well, let me just point out that for registration purposes, the State of New Jersey classifies the Wagon as a "sedan", whereas our beloved X is classified as a "wagon".


I have to say, Chipotle deserves a second chance. Jenn had raved about Chipotle when she was still in Ohio, I waited patiently for one to appear in the New York metro area. I first encountered a Chipotle burrito bowl with Dave maybe a year ago. It was good. The sweet corn is a nice unexpected addition, but the local Chipotle was all the way over on 52nd street between Lexington and Third-- quite a hike from the Job. Not to mention that at lunchtime the place is packed and I hate to stand in lines... then one day I was walking back to the office and I noticed a Chipotle on 48th between 6th and 7th. I got a Burrito. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't that great and the workers were totally confused by the fact that I ordered one vegetarian burrito but wanted pinto beans (apparently, pinto beans aren't vegetarian, and it was beyond comprehension that I didn't want a vegetarian burrito because the Husband (for whom the burrito was intended) is a vegetarian, but just because he didn't want chicken, pork or beef in this particular burrito. The next time I went to Chipotle I realized that I could actually use the tunnel system and go from my office building all the way to Chipotle without having to go outside... (winters in midtown tend to turn everyone into moles, if possible). Unfortunately, this burrito was very disappointing. There was so much stuff in it none of it was hot, it was a pain to eat, it was just a total let down.

This afternoon I went to Buy Buy Baby on 26th and 7th (long story, especially since I took the subway to 23rd and 6th, upside is I was finally able to see the infamous Cariboo Bassinet in person and my mom was proved right-- it does look like a folding laundry hamper), then I noticed a Chipotle across the street. I figured I would give it another try. Go inside, no line, for starters (always a good thing). Decide to get back to basics and order a burrito bowl, rather than a traditional burrito. Get it with rice, pinto beans, chicken, corn, tomatoes, hot sauce, sour cream, cheese and some guacamole. Try to find a cab. Head back to the office and when I get to my desk, the burrito is still somewhat warm (this may be because it is 80 outside today, but I don't care!) and dare I say, it was as good as the first time! Finally, I'm understanding the hype. It was a damn good burrito. Maybe the key is to get it when its warm outside, get it with no tortilla, or just be pregnant (hence almost any food tastes good!) I don't know what the secret is but it was good.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Only in Georgia...

Yesterday I heard on the news someone talking about how if the Virginia Tech incident had happened at a shopping mall or other public location in Blacksburg or elsewhere in Virginia it would likely have ended more quickly due to intervention from a gun toting by-stander. Having grown up in Georgia, I would have to heartily agree with this statement (though I don't think it is an argument for permitting guns to be brought into an academic setting), more its just a fact of life in the South. Case in point, Kennesaw, Georgia (the town next to where my parents live, which is indeed just a hop, skip and a jump from their house) where it is a town ordinance that all "heads of household" own a gun.

When living in Ithaca (where there were plenty of deer hunters and you could buy a gun at K-Mart)... I didn't think much of it, but then in relocating to New York and then New Jersey, it is weird to think that for the most part the only people carrying guns or with guns in their homes or cars are either police or criminals. I don't know if the thought that practically everyone in Atlanta and environs is packing heat makes me feel safer or less safe, but if nothing else, you're always on notice to expect the unexpected.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Only in New York

Today I went to visit one of my pregnant co-workers for lunch on the Upper West Side. I needed to get from 50th and 6th to Broadway between 76th and 77th. I knew I should have taken the subway to 79th and then just walked the couple of blocks, but I said to myself that I would take a cab if I saw one first. Normally I would always take a cab but midtown traffic is never a good bet at lunchtime.

I managed to hail a cab on 50th Street between Broadway and 7th. I figured he could just swing around the block, go over 49th to 8th avenue and then up either CPW or Broadway to my destination, depending on traffic.

I get in and the first question is "How do you want to go?" I thought for a minute, "Okay, good sign, he's cognizant of the traffic issues"... and then he asks if I want to go up Sixth. On my way towards Seventh Avenue I had thought about catching whatever cab I saw on 50th but decided I didn't want to have to sit in traffic on Sixth, so I gave him my thoughts about taking 49th to 8th.

Unfortunately, the ride from 50th and 7th to 49th and 8th took approximately 15 minutes. Fine, fine, whatever. Next we get on to 8th. As we get closer to Columbus Circle my driver asks me if I want to go through the Park.

My response: "We're going to Broadway, why would we go through the Park??" I quickly follow this with, "We could go up Central Park West and over 75th, if that's what you mean..." No, my driver didn't mean that. Just at that moment he notices a sign saying "2 Left Lanes, Broadway" and at this point he admits that its his first day on the job and he thought Broadway was on the East Side.

Broadway... on the East Side???

Don't these guys have to take any sort of a test to get their hack license or what??

To be fair, he was very nice and with a little guidance up Broadway (most notably, how to make the transition from Amsterdam back to Broadway after 72nd Street--- at which time my driver cut off a FedEx truck and made a right on a red... and no, he's not from New Jersey...) we managed to get to my destination relatively safely and speedily.... which at the end of the day is more than I can say for most cab rides, even when the driver does know that Broadway's up and the Battery's down.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Big Nor'Easter

Yeah, we got rain. While watching the 11 o'clock news last night we heard the local "on the scene" reporter tell the world that Route 1 was closed in both directions in our town, turns out, Route 1 was closed in both directions where OUR street crosses it. Further, this morning apparently our whole road was shut down due to flooding. We also had a small problem with water coming in from under the kitchen door. The husband likened having to deal with this problem to one of the tasks on the Amazing Race.

We could both imagine Phil giving the following narration:

"Build it or Bail it... a Road Block is a task that only one team member may perform... in this Task, one team member can chose between building a dam with garbage bags and with three railroad ties (which must be dragged across the front yard) in order to limit the water flow into the kitchen, or team members may chose to drag the pool pump 150 yards to the kitchen window and stand in six inches of water while attempting to drain the window well (which is quickly filling with water) with said pool pump, all while the other team member is in the house making dinner." Unfortunately, unlike on the Amazing Race, the Husband didn't actually get to chose between the two tasks, instead he had to complete both and do so before getting struck by lighting. We didn't realize the last part of the challenge until the Husband was safely back inside when suddenly we saw a flash and heard a large crash.

Let it be noted too that our phone service has been out since last night and Verizon won't be coming until Friday. At least nothing got hit by a tree branch. That's in our favor.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Baby Shrug!

This is the shrug knit all in one piece...

Here is the finished product after sewing up the seams! Now we're moving on to a Debbie Bliss stockinette stitch cardigan in denim color cashmerino aran!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

One Happy Cat...

Chin scratch. Gets her every time.


Here are a couple of pictures of the new drywall in the baby's room and the scary chimney. We're going to replaster the filled in firebox and we're awaiting a new mantle from Agee Woodworks. Tomorrow I'll update with pictures of the room as painted...

Wagon Ho!

Today we drove up to Westchester and got a wagon. Years ago, I remember that Jessica Fogel's mom had a wagon and the license plate read: "Wagon HO", these days that would I'm certain be misconstrued by most of the general public. Anyway, I just thought it had fabulous cargo space. ps. Kudos to the Mom who located it for us!!!


Today was *much* better than yesterday-- thanks for the many well-wishes (and vicarious chocolate consumption). Today I "worked" from home. This included an hour long conference call at 10:30am and Loan Agreement revisions. Luckily, after that I escaped the house for a bit. Yes, I got to go to the dry cleaner, pick up the pictures from the photographer (some of which are cute, some of which are clearly karma's way of making up for the fact that I made fun of Tori Spelling-- I swear I didn't know those double-chin pics in US Weekly were taken days before she was about to give birth) and make various returns (all I can say is try never to go into a Kohl's unless you absolutely have to...). Came home and started on dinner-- it was an exciting evening with Mahi Mahi (marinated in a citrus dill sauce) over saffron rice with a mandarin orange, pineapple and cilantro salsa. I also made cole slaw! The Husband insists that cole slaw is one step above something that would be found in the garbage chute scene from Star Wars Episode IV, but what can I say, I like it and so long as I'm making it myself I feel like there's considerably less of a chance for salmonella.

Two random thoughts:

1. I vote for Ana to adopt Martha... and

2. If we ever get another cat we can name her Obi-Wan KatNobi.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bad Day at Black Rock

Today was one of those days. We had to get up at 6:30am because we had a hospital tour at 9:30 and given that the hospital is at 165th Street and Broadway I was going to need some time to get up there by cab. We go to get on the 7:24 train and of course it's like bedlam and so the Husband and I couldn't sit together. Did I mention it was raining? It was raining. I'm sitting in the train seat for the next hour wedged between two people and of course I start to get the excruiciating pregnancy back pain and because it's cold and rainy outside the train is heated (which normally would be a good thing) but because it was so packed full of sweaty humanity the train car seemed to have its own weather system and was about the same temperature as the inside of a rice cooker.

Then we get to Penn Station. Seemed fine, a little crowded, but it held no indication of the fact that there were hurricane force gale winds hurtling about outside of Penn Station. We went outside so I could be put in a cab up town and went to the end of the cab line (which stretched about half a block long) and proceeded to be pounded and pummeled by a driving rain/wind combination. People's umbrellas were turning inside out left and right and on more than one occasion I almost had my rain hat blown off my noggin. Rain was getting *inside* of my wellies-- do my wellies have a leak you ask? No-- rain was coming in from the top of them (you know, where you stick your foot into!) Rain coat? Soaked. Skirt? Soaked. Tights? Soaked? Underwear? Damp-- after all, the rain did have to penetrate 4 layers to get there. Finally, I managed to snag a cab (after I had to yell at (x) one woman in front of us that she needed to *walk down* to get into the next available cab, not just stand there like a stone image until the cab drove up to her and (y) one man who decided that lines weren't for him and he would just cut in front of the 75 people waiting for a cab.)

Hospital Tour. (This is where I discovered that, no, I wasn't just cold, all of my clothing was actually wet). Tour went fine, but for the fact that Columbia "lost" my pre-registraion application and they can make no guarantees about getting a private room. Okay, fine, you may say, but what if you want to "room-in" with your baby? Well, that's encouraged. So long as you have a private room. If you don't have a private room you can't room-in with your baby but you will be able to room in with some stranger and their family. Your baby, on the other hand, will get sent to the 6th floor. But no worries, because Columbia is kind enough to put a big security tag on your baby (as if your child were something you might try to purchase at a Best Buy) and "alarms" will go off if anyone tries to take your baby off of the floor. Then, however, I got to see a baby being wheeled out of the 6th floor as we opened the door with my escort's security pass-- the nurse involved then said: "I have to move quickly, before the alarms go off." Not so confidence inspiring.

Fine, fine, fine. I go to leave, back out into the monsoon, and as I'm standing on Broadway I manage to hail a cab just as my umbrella flips inside out. I open the cab door and am trying to close my inside out umbrella and a big gust of wind comes and slams me in the side of my big pregnant belly. Yeah, that's great. Love when things like that happen. Get into the cab and then suddenly feel really, really nauseous. I'm sure a big part of that was the fact that I was in a cab for 110 blocks back to the office (with windows rolled up because of the hurricane) and I'm sure it was psychosematic as well, but regardless... not feeling well. Had a good pep talk from the Mom and arrived back at the office. End up calling the doctor's office and they had me come in for an ultrasound-- everything checked out (as Thisbe had expected!), but of course, on my way to the ultrasound I realized that I had forgotten to change back into my wellies and I was wearing the infamous pepsi-soaked ballet flats which were then letting in water from the wet sidewalks of New York.

Did I mention at lunch time I managed to drop macaroni and cheese on my boob? It rolled off, but still. That of course, was after I knocked over my glass of ice water all over my desk (all that great crushed ice, GONE!). Glad it's not like I had anything important sitting out there... Then, after the ultrasound, while I was in line to pay (for a self-pity cookie and iced tea) at Au Bon Pain I knocked over my second cup of ice all on to the cashier station. I appear to be some sort of a danger to both myself and others. I rue what the commute home may bring.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rainbows, Unicorns and other Mythical Things...

It seems to me that practically every conversation we overhear on the train between strangers begins with how crowded the subject train is. Case in point, today, Joe (the guy we know who is always practicing his latest comedy routine) started talking with the folks in his five-seater... it began with how crowded the 8:23 is. "Is it like this every day?" "It's a short train, it's always a short train", "The 7:44 is great, it's a long train, there's always room." "This one has been short for a year." then, as is also typical, the conversation shifted to the infamous 9:04. The 9:04 is a double-decker train, one of the few, in fact, I think it is the only double decker train. Man from across the aisle says to Joe, in wistful terms, as if he's speaking about some wonderful childhood memory: "Have you ever taken the 9:04? It's a double decker." "Really?"

Yes, Virginia, double decker trains do exist, they run them at off-peak hours.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


On Friday I visited with Julian at Frederic Fekkai for a hair cut. While sitting in the salon chair I noticed one of Julian's counterparts on the other side of the mirrors cutting a woman's hair. He had that very european hair stylist look-- spiked up hair, prada-esque thick frame eye glasses. He looked possibly German or maybe even French (though not really thin enough to be French) however, as time passed I overheard a bit of the conversation he was having (quite animatedly) with his client-- he was going on and on about how he collects comic book action figures and that he often trolls Ebay looking for them. All being said in a very non-european, quite middle-american accent. He was a comic book geek! I'm sorry but when you're cutting women's hair at Frederic Fekkai on Fifth Avenue, and you've got the euro-trash hair cut and glasses you *can't* talk about how you collect action figures. Did you miss that day at stylist school? It ruins the entire mood!

Negotiation Skills...

Everytime I call Pink Nails in town to get an appointment for a manicure/pedicure the appointment time is always a negotiation. It starts like this:

Nail Lady: "Pink Nails!"

Me: "Hi. I want to make an appointment for a manicure and pedicure"

Nail Lady: "Okay what time you want come in?"

Me: "How about 11:30?"

Nail Lady: "10:00 or 12:30?"

Me: "Okay, 12:30"

Nail Lady: "How about 2pm? See you then!"

Friday, April 06, 2007

I'm not the only one...

Who knew, me, 410e9th and Scarlett all have something in common... now if only we could do something useful with the fact that we know all the words to Salt-n-Pepa's songs.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Snowing in April...

Okay, so earlier it was sunny, now its snowing. What's with that?

In other news, when I came home today with my lunch from McDonald's I was getting all sorts of attention from Miss Kitty. I felt truly that I was only loved because of my proximity to and control of french fries. However, Miss K has redeemed herself, as she is now napping next to me with her back up against mine (her head is turned upside down in a position which can only be comfortable for a cat)... she is snoring a bit. There is no food in sight, but I am throwing off heat so that may explain things.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thank God its Wednesday...

So, Wednesday before Good Friday... what is that? Decent Wednesday? Not-to-Bad Wednesday? I'll just say I'm glad its Wednesday because it means I'm that much closer to the weekend.

Also, on the job front, while I haven't quite gotten it across to my boss yet that I have the magical "modified bedrest" note from my Doctor, I did invoke trying to "leave early" (by which I mean, take a half day) for Good Friday. He mentioned to me that he wasn't "committed" yet to being out of the office on Friday but that he was concerned that certain parties would try to schedule a conference call, so I countered with, "I thought about the same thing, because I want to leave early." Truth be told, the only reason I would actually come in at all is because I've got a hair cut with Julian at 12:30 (and eyebrow treatment with Victoria at 1:15). All in preparation for my "photo shoot" on Saturday. Yes, I am one of those people who decides to get pictures taken while pregnant. If you saw the last pictures I appeared in you would probably be thinking that I should maybe reconsider this idea, but we'll see how it goes. And, just so you know, I'm not intending to take any goofy new age belly pics. My appointment is with Pryde Brown in town on Saturday afternoon... I was hoping to do some pictures both inside and outside (preferably in fun, flowy, spring clothes) but of course its supposed to be in the forties on Saturday, so I may end up having to find some sort of stylish pregnancy parka instead.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

29 weeks, five days...

This morning we went to our latest doctor's visit. We learned that Baby G is already head down and this supposedly accounts for the odd abdominal numbness I've been experiencing lately, as apparently when this happens it means Ms. G's butt and/or feet are pressing up against some vital organ (as I must say, my Mom predicted). We have to go back in two weeks for an ultrasound to determine Baby G's size, and as with my last visit I've been told that I've gained too much weight between visits (if only they knew what the scale said mid-last week!)... but what am I supposed to do, Whopper Eggs are only made at Easter time and I certainly can't give those up!

On other fronts, I received my Rho-Gam shot. Let's just say I didn't have to take off my cardigan for that one, so needless to say it was far too reminiscent of childhood immunizations for my taste.

Also, cross your fingers for me, we have theoretically scheduled a hospital tour! The folks at Columbia weren't very keen on offering a tour despite what their literature says and when I spoke with the administrators in my doctor's office I learned that I wasn't the only one who was told that I should just take the "virtual" tour on the internet. I pointed out that it would be useful if I knew where to go in advance of actually being in labor. They agreed and one of the office staff has volunteered to lead a tour next Thursday. We'll see if the tour itself materializes... it may just end up being the Husband and I wandering the halls...

For now it's back to the coal mine.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Resistance is Futile...

Have you seen those bluetooth headsets that people wear in conjunction with their cell phones? Well, one of the secretaries at the Job always has on her bluetooth headset (or as I affectionately refer to it as, her "borg headset"). She's always on the phone with either her husband or her kids or any other number of people. I've gotten used to walking past her desk and hearing her speak without a phone visible and I no longer have to wonder whether or not she's crazy, I know she just has on her borg headset. Well, this afternoon I walk into the ladies room and I hear her voice speaking. There is no one else in the ladies room and one of the stall doors is shut. Yes, that's right, she was on the phone, using her headset in the bathroom, while in an actual bathroom stall. A few moments go by and there is a flush and then she just keeps right on talking.

Hey, you know, if you want to use the bathroom while talking on the phone at home, fine, multitask all you want, perhaps you even want to do this while you're out in public at a restaurant or otherwise. It's not for me (outside of my own feeling of being constrained by proper phone etiquette there is always the tricky issue of there being an open water hazard which is ripe for the phone to fall into), but I'm not going to judge if you feel like the anonmity of a public restroom makes it okay to conduct a phone call within that space, but at work? Please. Leave the borg headset at your desk. Whoever you're speaking to will understand.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Quality Meats...

Last night we had dinner with David and Emily at Quality Meats-- which was *very* good! Of course, today I went to a Filene's basement that just opened near us and while trying on clothes in the dressing room I got a good look at just how gi-normous my stomach has become (not that Quality Meats significantly contributed to that), I'm just saying...