Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Smallest Bathroom in Middlesex County

So this was the bathroom
before we moved in.

This is the bathroom now.

Needless to say "work in progress" is an apt phrase. We got one quote for $41,125 to remodel. Geesh, for that kind of money you could buy a Porsche. Sure, it would be a small Porsche, but the bathroom isn't much bigger than a Porsche.

So far we've ordered:

Clawfoot Tub:
61", #811 with white feet

Faucets and Fixtures:

Leighton 27" Pedestal Sink, Fairfax Faucet, brushed chrome (hoping this matches the "vibrant brushed nickel", see below).

Rialto Toilet (a running joke, no pun intended... this is apparently billed as "the smallest toilet on the market" yet everyone but us seems to hate it)

And, for the tub, and approximately as much as the tub (okay, more than the tub as the husband keeps reminding me)....Finial Bath Faucet with handshower and metal lever handles in "vibrant brushed nickel"

"Vibrant brushed nickel" is just another way to say 30% more for no good reason other than you'll pay it. I'd take "dull, impersonal brushed nickel", if I could get it for 10% less, do you have that?

By the way, those attractive delft sea creature tiles shown in picture #1 above will be available for purchase on Ebay. Didn't have a chance to buy a piece of the Berlin Wall when communism fell? At least you can have a piece of our bathroom.

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