Thursday, March 03, 2011

It Does Pay to Be Nice to Salespeople

(or alternatively.... People will buy anything...). Okay, so people won't buy *anything* but darn near close to it. When I was at the outlets (see post below) as a parting gift in connection with my little clothing try on incident the sales person gave me two very nice, glossy "Look Books" for the designer's Spring 2011 collection.

Since I was a kid my dad has been collecting various promotional materials (specifically I remember that Chevrolet used to make scale models of their Corvettes back in the day...) so I had a sense that these little goodies might be of interest to someone out there.

Last night, I listed my brochures on eBay and this morning I found out that while I slept some fashionable person bought them overnight for $9.99 plus shipping.


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