Thursday, March 03, 2011

Yesterday I decided to take a trek up to Woodbury Commons. It was a sunny day and I had grand plans to take the daughter and the dog to Storm King, followed by a short jaunt to the Commons... but turns out Storm King doesn't reopen until March 31st.... so a trip that was to be somewhat artsy and shoppy, became just plain shoppy.

While I'm there, I go into a rather Chichi boutique and am looking around. The sales staff tells me that everything in the store is either 30% off or 25% off and everything is an additional 10% off on top of that. Terrific! So, I start looking around and soon the sales girl has a dressing room set aside for me. During my browsing I had found a super cute little yellow sweater. It was marked a 4, but it looked a little small so I asked her if they had it in any other sizes. She told me it was the last one.

So, when I go into the fitting room, I start trying on my selections. I start with the yellow sweater. It was crew neck with short sleeves and a bit of an a-line design. It looked like it would be perfect under a suit or with a slim pair of pants. I put it on and have to say, it was a little hard to get over my head. But I got it on. The sleeves were a teensy bit tight, but the rest of it was just so darn cute! The only real problem was that it was part angora and angora always makes me itch. When I finish in the dressing room I'm deciding between the sweater and another top. When I go to check out I ask the sales girl for her opinion-- should I go with the sweater or the other top?

That's when she tells me that the yellow sweater is a size 4 CHILDRENS. It isn't actually a woman's sweater but a child's DRESS! To add insult to injury this is when she then tells me that she had thought I was bringing it into the fitting room for my daughter to try on!

As for me? Yes, I had forced over my head a child's a-line dress and was attempting to wear it as a top. I guess my first clue should have been to notice that everything else in the store was marked in European sizing. The girl did admit though that everybody had been trying on that "sweater". ;)

Needless to say that's a pretty quick way to burst someone's "I'm so fashionable" bubble.