Monday, October 17, 2005

Reason #347 Why Dave Would Not Want to Live in a Pre-War Apartment

I went to sleep at 1am and thought "why is Robert taking a shower?" because that's what it sounded like in our bedroom-- like someone was in our bathroom on the other side of our wall showering-- then Robert comes to bed but the noise is still there but I'm totally passed out-- all of my dreams-- someone is still showering-- finally at 4am we both wake up and realize that it sounds like a freight train is coming through our bedroom wall *and* steam is coming out of our floor right next to our bed!

I have visions of this pipe bursting and flooding our bedroom/scalding us in our sleep! So we get the doorman and he comes and takes a look and doesn't want to wake the super because "he'll get mad" we ask him to turn the heat off-- because otherwise the pipe will burst and he says: "no, no, nothing will happen" finally-- he calls the super and the heat gets shut off until 8am. This morning a repair man comes and the first thing he says is: "pipe is bursting, turn off heat!" THANK YOU!!!!!! The man then proceeded to cut a giant mouse-hole shaped hole in our wall, humming "the boatmen of the volga" all the while pulling twisted metal out of the floor. Yeah. so happy to be living in a "pre-war" building-- my question at this point is-- which war!?! 1812???

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