Monday, October 17, 2005

A Shoe Story

Yesterday I was wearing these cute little Lilly Pulitzer heels-- first day wearing them. I was
avoiding walking over all subway grates until I tried to go into the Banana Republic where the wave of after-work crowds forced me over onto the grate. One of my shoes got kind of stuck but I pulled it out and I looked down quick before going into the store and it looked okay. Later on, as I'm shopping a few blocks away I kept sliding on the store's floor-- but I figured it was just their super-waxed surfaces.... little did I know until I went home that the bottom part of my heel had come off! SO... today on my way to work I happened by the grate by the Banana and my heel part was right there-- wedged in the grate! So I pulled it out and am happy that I can fix my shoe! :) Don't worry-- when I got to work I washed my hands and the shoe piece-- who knows what it was exposed to all by itself overnight in a subway grate.

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