Saturday, October 29, 2005

Heating, or Reason #348 why Dave would not want to live in a Pre-War House, Pre-Revolutionary, that is.

Once again, we have heating problems. This time its no heat in the family room. And right after we've gotten a TiVo for the family room. Want to watch the Apprentice? Get a space heater and a fur coat.

Now we have the boiler that has no water pressure, ask the heating people to come and fix it and we get a note, tacked to our door saying "no water pressure, valve must be shut off somewhere."

Thanks for the insight. Perhaps we could have a bit more information, such as, What valve? Who turned it off? Where is it? What does it do? Can't you find it and turn it back on or am I just paying for stellar conversation? This all accompanied by a i) broken (?) well pump and ii) the mysterious sound of running water, which may have been water leaving the heating system. Maybe it went on vacation, after all, winter is coming.

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