Sunday, February 12, 2006

Blizzard Baking

So, we've supposedly had a blizzard. "A Blizzard of Historic proportions", according to Brian Williams of NBC. After Cornell I can say I have certainly seen more blizzardly weather behavior, but all in all we do have a lot of snow and I certainly wasn't leaving the house today.

So, we started out the day right-- I made scones, thanks to a mix from the King Arthur Flour people. Not bad, if I may say so myself-- the mix provided the all previously too confusing bit of baking power, baking soda and flour-- those have proved difficult to master before, this time I just had to dump the mix, some salt and cold butter into the 'uisinart and then add in whisked milk and egg!

So, not feeling like I had done enough random blizzard baking, I am now in the midst of making "artisanal" bread, thanks again to the 'uise. My dough ball is rising as we speak. To accompany this I will be making Pasta Fagoli. Usually I do this with the assistance of a mix from Alessi, for some odd reason I happen to have all of the other ingredients needed for the soup-- chicken broth, cannelini beans, chopped tomatoes, chopped spinach, cream, ditalini/wagon wheels (Husband's pasta preference), spices, etc. but no soup mix. Now it's just a question of whether there is some mysterious spice in the Alessi package which I will be missing.... wish me luck and we'll save a piece of bread for you!

ps. I randomly purchased a tomatillo the other day, any recipe suggestions are welcome!

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