Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mayoral Sighting

So, last night on our way to a last minute dinner at the Rock Center Cafe (yes, for a 7:30 dinner on Valentine's Day we made our reservation at 7:18pm).... we ran in to Mayor Bloomberg. Literally. We were walking on 50th right by the entrance to The Rainbow Room and I notice this nicely dressed woman in my path and a black SUV on the street awaiting her. We move to the left, Husband puts us right in between this woman and a large body guard and BOOM! Right there, right in front of us, staring right at us is Mike Bloomberg. He's rather short in person so I hadn't seen that he was standing there until we were right in front of him (his date hid him well). Based on the timing it would seem like he had taken his Valentine date to get the early bird special.

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