Sunday, February 05, 2006

Lincoln Tunnel

So, I'm attempting to make my way back to New Jersey through the Lincoln Tunnel.

(Going was eventful as ever, getting stuck going through the two-way traffic tube)... and I manage to find myself behind what can only be described as the Rice-a-Roni streetcar. Yes it was some sort of Grayline tourist trolley "Hop-on, Hop-off" and it too was on its way to New Jersey. This would have been fine except I was in the right hand lane and the guy driving the Trolley is one of those people who *has* to go through the tunnel (and I'm sure bridges fall into this category too) on the left side.

Do you know one of these people? (Yes, Mom, you know you're one of them). Fine, so you have to drive on one side or another-- no problem, but can't you figure that out before you get to the tunnel/bridge/whatever??? Can't you adjust your route to the tunnel so that you approach it in the appropriate lane?? These are the same people who will pay their toll in the extreme left lane only to then have to cut across 37 lanes in order to go through the tube "on the right side". Advance planning folks-- it can save a lot of time.

Then, on top of it, the San Francisco Treat can't merge. He's made his way all the way from wherever and is now approximately one car length from the tunnel entrance and is STOPPED. Right there, trolley blinker on and making no effort to merge.

Meanwhile I have some psychopath from Pennsylvania in an old Jag trying to push my car into the traffic cones which seperate the lanes. Possibly the only people who drive worse than tourist trolley drivers are people from Pennsylvania.

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