Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I Promise, This is the Last Post About Stowe, at least for now...

On to the food!

If you're in Stowe and in need of a good bagel, you must check out "The Bagel" at 394 Mountain Road. When we had brunch at Norma's at Topnotch the Husband got the "NY Deli Bagel" and it was a great bagel... so we asked where it came from and were told that Topnotch gets their bagels from a shop in town. We hit up the shop and the joint was jumping. I bought a half dozen to take home and they were really good! They even had a "cinnamon sugar" bagel. How neat!

By the way, Norma's? Was really good. I got the "Vermont Country Breakfast" (2 eggs, potatoes, toast and bacon), the Husband got the aforementioned NY Deli Bagel and Irish Oatmeal and Miss B. got french toast. B. won the breakfast challenge by far-- while everything was tasty, the French Toast (with real Vermont maple syrup) was outstanding.

We also went to Solstice, at the Lodge. Solstice specializes in farm-to-table artisnal cuisine. We had a terrific Vermont cheese platter, Rhode Island calamari, the Husband had lamb and gnocchi and I had truffled macaroni and cheese. Baby had a slider and fries.

Then, in addition to the samples at the Ben & Jerry's factory tour, I also got some great cheese samples at the Cabot Cheese Annex in Waterbury. Mostly, we just ate a lot.

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