Tuesday, February 23, 2010


In time for Valentine's Day, I started on a project. The Husband has been asking for a wedding album for nothing short of eight years. It's a long story but our wedding photographer wasn't the best in the world. Needless to say we never had the wedding photographer do an album, opting instead to take our negatives and get half of our money back. What can I say, that's what happens when they fail to get some traditional pictures like the first kiss and first dance.

Anyway... after all of these years I still hadn't made an album. I had thought before about having prints and enlargements done and putting them in an album or scrap book format, but never did it.

Then, I thought about doing a Kodak Gallery type of thing. Finally, after I worked on the Blurb book for my Mom I was intrigued by the photo coffeetable books they show on the website.

So, I finally decided to have our negatives scanned in (together with some negatives from photos taken by friends and relatives-- who actually WERE able to get some of the missing images, like first kiss and first dance...) and digitized. It cost about $120 for the negatives to be scanned and a CD created. I chose for high resolution scanning so that way I could crop the pictures. Good thing I did, because I ended up picking 72 photos and out of the 72 I had to alter 70 of them--- the only two that weren't cropped were pictures that our photographer didn't take!

With the photos done I was then able to upload them to Blurb and using Blurb's software and tools I put together a beautiful photo album complete with dust jacket.

The book, with overnight shipping, came to $65.00. If you have any albums you need to make you should really think about using blurb. The cost of the album itself (outside of shipping) wasn't much more than what Kodak charges but the quality is really a step up.

Below are some of the photos!

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