Saturday, March 27, 2010

Book Sale!!!!!!!!!

This week it was the annual Bryn Mawr-Wellesley Book Sale!
Billed as the "Largest Used Book Sale on the East Coast" (i.e. see, picture), it's always a fun event! This year it began on Wednesday with a "preview" day. The preview day is so popular there is a $20 admission charge and a lottery system for entry (apparently, used and rare book dealers from around New England and the Mid-Atlantic states will line up before opening just to get a good spot!) One day I may brave the first round, but a $20 cover charge to buy books was a bit too rich for my blood. Instead, we went back on Thursday and for the second year in a row we got the *best* parking spot-- right by the front door! Having gotten this spot two years running, I like to think of it as "my space", but I digress.
Last year, some of you may remember, Miss B. didn't quite have the patience level needed for serious book-looking. Indeed, she had quite a bit of a fit somewhere between the Art History section and British History, but not this year!!!
This year we came armed with a) one stuffed bunny, b) sippy cup, c) one bag Annie's Organic Fruity Bunnies, d) one bag Ian's Organic Cookie Buttons, and e) Raisins.
In addition to toys and snack foods, we also had the spectre of the Easter Bunny! Yes, Miss B. knew that if she was patient during the book sale not only would she get to pick out books to take home from the Kids' Section, but she'd also get to visit the Easter Bunny after the sale!
She was super patient and generally wonderful. We spent quite a bit of time checking out all the great selections and then after we scored our initial haul, we hit up the kids' department. In Kids we got seven books including Madeline stories and a great little Lift the Flap book by Rod Campbell.
Here's a list of what else we found:
Allende, Isabel, The Infinite Plan, 1991, First HarperCollins Edition (marked)
Beaumarchais, Oevres Dramatiques I, 1829 Imprimerie de Guiraduet (1829!?!)
Byatt, A.S., Posession, 1990
Carhart, Thad, The Piano Shop on the Left Bank, 2001, First Edition (marked)
Cunningham, Michael, A Home at The End of the World, 1990, First Edition (marked)
De Courcel (ed.), Malraux Life & Work, 1976, First American Edition (marked)
Doctorow, E.L., The March, 2005
Gaarder, Jostein, Sophie’s World, 1994, Second Printing (marked)
Gordimer, Get a Life, 2005, First Edition (marked)
Harvey (ed.), Oxford Companion to French Literature, Oxford 1959
Malamud, Bernard, The Tenants, 1971, Second Printing (marked)
Malaraux, A The Voices of Silence, 1953
Maxwell, Donald, The Landscape of Thomas Hardy, 1928
McEwan, Ian, On Chesil Beach, 2007, First US Edition (marked)
McEwan, Ian, Saturday, 2005, First US Edition (marked)
Myers, John Bernard, Tracking the Marvelous, 1983, First Edition (Marked)
Phaidon Press, El Greco, 1938
Roy, Arundhati, The God of Small Things, 1997, First US Edition (marked)
Salinger, J.D., Franny & Zooey, 1961, Sixth Printing (marked)
Sartre, J.P., Saint Genet, 1963, First Printing (marked)
Stein, Gertrude, The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, 1933, First Edition (Marked)
Tan, Amy, The Hundred Secret Senses, 1995
Tan, Amy, The Kitchen God’s Wife, 1991
Thoreau, H.D., Cape Cod, 1951
Toesca, Pietro, Storia Dell’Arte Italiana Vol. I Medioevo, 1929
Tyler, Anne, Patchwork Planet, 1998, First Trade Edition (marked)
Updike, John, Marry Me, 1976, First Trade Edition (marked)
Updike, John, Brazil,1994
And yes, we did visit the Easter Bunny!

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Sue said...

you came away with a real haul....
but hard to believe that the sale is larger then our Friends of the Marietta Library sale....