Monday, March 08, 2010

The Chocolate Room

Today we went to Brooklyn to take part in a chocolate tasting at The Chocolate Room.

The Chocolate Room has two locations in Brooklyn, owned by Jon and Naomi. Jon lead our lecture and tasting, hitting up the high points of cacao bean production, processing and manufacture.

We sampled about 6 different chocolates-- most of which were dark. The Husband and I have a bit of a difference of opinion on chocolate. I'm a milk chocolate person myself, while he likes dark chocolate. I thought that 5 of the 6 chocolates tasted like baking chocolate, but the Husband really liked them!
(My plate is the one with all of the leftover chocolate on it....)

While we were there we saw some of the other great desserts that The Chocolate Room features, such as milk shakes and some killer looking banana splits!

They also have a wide selection of chocolate bars
and chocolate candy. We took home some candies, including one with a Grand Marnier filling and one with a Turkish coffee filing-- they were *very* good.

The interior of the shop is pretty neat too-- it has a lot of vintage signage, after all... who doesn't love Yoo-Hoo?

If you're in Brooklyn and you've got a sweet tooth, you should totally check out The Chocolate Room!

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