Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

So we had quite a weekend. Things started on Saturday with a trip to the Met. They were having a music and lecture series for families showcasing Poulenc's "Babar the Little Elephant" performed by the New York Chamber Soloists. It was a lovely performance (though I have to say that Miss B. fell asleep during the musical lecture part, and only woke up after Babar was over...)
We also had a great lunch at the Petrie Cafe and Wine Bar inside the museum. I had this terrific poached pear, proscuitto and gorgonzola creme appetizer and a fabulous eggplant, tomato and mozzarella tart. The Husband had a puree of celeriac soup and farfalle bolognese. Miss B. got her standard pasta with butter and cheese and all were happy and well fed.

On Sunday we took a drive down to Philadelphia to see Ringling Brothers' new circus tour: Funundrum!!
It was at the Wachovia Center and it was a great show. Of course, no trip to the circus can be complete without loads of nasty circus food including hot dogs, cotton candy and popcorn. Miss B. had never actually had popcorn before but she was insistent from days before even arriving at the circus that she had to try some. Let's just say the popcorn went over better than the cotton candy. (After all, cotton candy is really just like colorful dryer lint).

We got tickets in the "Circus Celebrity" section so we got to sit on the floor during part of the show which was pretty neat.
Over all, Miss B.'s favorite part was the elephants. (And yes, as with lots of junk food, no trip to the circus would also be complete without a half-hearted PETA protest outside of the arena... all they could muster was a few posters).

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