Saturday, April 17, 2010


Here are some crafts that we've been working on lately....

I just finished another baby quilt! This one was "commissioned" by the mom of a friend of mine!

I also embellished a onesie with a design from one of the quilt blocks... (I saw this idea at my local quilt shop, Pennington Quilt Works)
Yay! I like the patterns that I found for it-- I think they will complement nicely the crib bedding that the recipient has chosen!
I'm also working on a quilt for Miss B. (though the patterns are much more modern... in fact I've used Amy Butler's "Midwest Modern" line of quilt fabrics! Photos to come...
In other quilt news, I've also signed up for a class at the Quilt Works. It's to make the "Fabulous II" quilt from the book Stratavarious Quilts. I have chosen a bunch of Kaffe Fasset Fat Quarters in blues/grays/purples. Some of them were a bit hard to find, but in the process I found a great Etsy shop for quilt supplies: Mountain of the Dragon ... if you like fun fabrics, you should check it out!
In other craft news... here's an idea for easy wall art for your child's room.... do you have any dust jackets from their favorite books? As Miss B. is getting older, we're starting to read more picture books, rather than board books. I find that a lot of them come with very decorative dust jackets... but unfortunately, with little hands, the dust jackets tend to get removed quickly and then folded/torn, etc. In these days of "wrapped" covers, I'm not quite sure why book makers are still making dust jackets for kids books, but since they are let's use that to our advantage! Madeline has become one of our favorite stories, so before the dust jacket got completely destroyed, I removed it from the book and framed it!

(Check out the frame that was all of $3.99 at Michaels!)

Then, to go with it, I also framed a colorful bit of Miss B.'s own art work. (Frame from IKEA). Not bad, if I may say so myself!

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