Monday, April 12, 2010

New York Auto Show!

This weekend we visited the New York International Auto Show!

As I told the Husband, I went often to auto shows as a kid with my dad... I especially remember actually visiting the Delorean display at the Auto Show in Ft. Lauderdale that one year that Delorean actually produced cars!

I also remembered the days of neat giveaways, gift bags and all sorts of "swag".... alas, there is limited swag these days... but the folks at Mercedes did actually send me a coupon for $1,000 off the purchase of a new Mercedes, so I guess that's good.

I was really impressed that the show is open until 10:30pm most nights!
There were beautiful cars, including the new Porsche Panamera... their sedan. So what if the top of the line model is $160K? That's in the budget, right?

Miss B. was especially taken by the Fiat display... I guess it's the Italian in her.


Gull wing Mercedes...

Who even knew they were still making SAABs let alone displaying them at the auto show???

I think this was a camaro.... but leave it to Chevy to have a bright green car!

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