Thursday, April 22, 2010


BFQ completed! Photos to follow!! Last night I had finished the top panel, tonight I sewed it together and did top stitching... Woo-hoo! I also did some work on the large batik quilt that I am making for myself. I'm using small squares ( so it is taking a long time) and it is in a rainbow color palette.

In other craft news, I also finally began doing the needlepoint work on a canvas bag (with needlepoint panel) that I've had FOREVER!! The panel has some goofy looking sea grass type print on it, so instead I took a pink sharpie marker and made my own needlepoint design.. Nothing too complex or creative, just my name and a heart ( I have light pink yarn, so I thought the heart was appropriate). I've already finished doing my name, now I just have to fill in the heart and do the background in navy blue. I love tote bags and I love needlepoint, so I'm excited about the final product.

What else did we do today? Watched two episodes of Top Chef Masters (not loving it... Why does it seem more boring than the regular competition?) and then I watched Duplicity. Still not crazy about that movie, but this time around I found the soundtrack less distracting and more enjoyable than it was the first time. I also liked the scene in Rome near the Pantheon, since when we were there we also sat at a cafe at that same spot just like Clive Owen does. The scene really captures the light of Rome.

In other Italian set film news I saw a commercial for Letters to Juliette. As I informed the Husband, it looks like a movie I will have to see, not because of Amanda Seyfried or whoever the young guy is in it, but because Vanessa Redgrave is in it and it's set in Italy. ( Something is telling me I am in a rare demographic) but, A Month by the Lake is one of my favorite movies and the commercial kind of reminded me of it.

Lastly, in dining news, it should be known that the Mom and Dad recently sent me Giada di Laurentiis' newest cookbook and we've been making some of the recipes out of it. I did the Pasta Ponza ( but added little sweet peppers in Addition to the roasted tomatoes), gorgonzola and porcici risotto (but I used prosecco instead of white wine and gorgonzola dolce) ane her sundried tomato turkey meatloaf ( which was great, just as written!)

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Sue said...

Glad your enjoying the cookbook...and I'll go see that movie with you when we come up....that and SATC2...ofcourse Simon wants to join us for that one!