Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chris Isaak!

Yes, it's that time of year again-- Chris Isaak is on tour and he's made his way to the Big Apple!

This year, the concert was at the Nokia Theater in Times Square. It's a cool venue-- kind of like a theater with a night club atmosphere.

I had ordered our tickets back in April and really didn't have a good idea of where exactly our seats were... and then we got there and we were smack dab in the middle of the seventh row! I've seen Chris Isaak four times and these were the best seats I've ever had!

Thus, thanks to the Mom for letting me borrow her little camera-- I was able to get some great photos. (Let's not discuss how I also used the "voice recorder" function on my iPod to "pirate" Wicked Game. Who knew an iPod Touch was such a versatile little gizmo?

One of the cool things, too about the Nokia Theater is that in addition to the bar areas, they also have a cafe. I got a great little Red Velvet cupcake-- a nice way to start the show. Also, this year Marc Broussard opened for Chris. While some of Marc Broussard's music sounded familiar, I really have no recollection of having heard of him before-- but it was a pleasant surprise. He had a great voice and some terrific guys in his band. Over all he put on a great opening act.
As for Chris Isaak and Silvertone-- they always do a great job. Just a fun, entertaining show.

If you like his music and want to get a sense of what the live performances are like you can check out his latest cd: Live at the Fillmore. It has mostly the same song set as what we heard at our concert-- and it's all great music!

At the end of the show the guys in the band all toss their guitar picks into the audience. I didn't score one myself, but while we were walking out a man gave me one that he had gotten... so that was pretty cool! On the downside, as we were leaving the theater the escalator we were on broke down. This wouldn't have been a big deal had it only stopped, but instead it actually started going backwards-- which was a little wacky. It seemed to pick up more and more speed as we got closer to the bottom and the Husband and I had to literally jump off of the escalator so that we didn't just hit the bottom. It's things like that which keep life interesting.

Anyhoo. Afterwards we went and had a late dinner at a great place in the Stay Hotel called Aspen Social. The Husband got tuna tartare deviled eggs with wasabi (!) Overall it was really tasty and a nifty atmosphere as well. I highly recommend it!

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Sue said...

I can't believe you took these great close-up pictures with my dinky little camera.