Saturday, July 17, 2010

Random Update

I come from a heritage of people who put things "in a safe place" to make it easier to find later and then promptly forget where said "safe place" is. Case in point-- I have been looking for my "Very Best of Sheryl Crow" cd for four years.

Yes, four years. Now I swear that during this time I have found the empty case in random locations, but never the disc. This would all be fine (thanks to iTunes) but for the fact that I had been wanting to import to my iPod the song "Picture" and since it is a duet with Kid Rock (and he apparently has some issue with Apple) its unavailable. I was determined not to buy another copy of the cd and then the other night I looked through my cd stockpile and there was the case and the disc sitting nice as could be. Like it had just gotten back from some prolonged vacation (possibly with Jimmy Buffet and all of the Songs You Know by Heart).

Finally, the song is imported.

Latest other musical acquisition? A pop-y thing called "This is How it Ends" courtesy of the on-hold muzak at the Saks 800 line.

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