Saturday, July 24, 2010


So we went to see Inception last night.

Unfortunately, the folks at the United Artists Theater at Market Fair didn't really seem to think that for the $35 I spent on tickets, air conditioning was necessary.

Nothing is worse than stadium seating with zero air circulation and high humidity.

FYI, if the last movie starts at 10:20pm, you should keep the air on until it's over!

Okay, that's enough about the theater... how about the movie?

I have to say, Hot Tub Time Machine was more entertaining.

I love Leonardo DiCaprio, and the other actors did well. The effects were good-- but the movie was overly long. There were no real twists to the plot-- it was basically a straight forward bit of story telling. It was kind of boring, after a while.

But. The previews! I'm very interested now in seeing The Social Network. And, I really like the song they use in the trailer-- it is "Creep" by Radiohead as sung by Scala and Kolacny Brothers a Belgian choir that covers pop music. Pretty cool.

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