Monday, January 10, 2011


I'm falling behind. So, long time, no posts. Thanks for sticking with me, my fearless readers.

What's been going on?

Well, for starters, I've seen a lot of movies. Let's do the run down:

Tangled (since it's animated, I don't know if this really should count.... But I will say, I was pleasantly surprised. It was classic Disney. And, since I love Zachary Levi, it was fun that he did voice work for it).

Tron (let's not even discuss) Way too much Jeff Bridges. I know a lot of people think of Jeff Bridges as "The Dude" from The Big Lebowski, but I will always think of Jeff as Starman. I will say, however, that I really felt bad after the fact when I gave my review of the movie to Mallory, the fabric girl at Jo-Ann, who seemed genuinely disappointed that I didn't have anything positive to say about it. Sorry to disappoint, Mallory-- I hope you went ahead and saw it and made your own decision!

The Tourist (did I see ANY movies that didn't start with the letter "T"?) Okay, this one I really liked. It was fluff and it wasn't necessarily as good as Anthony Zimmer, but it had great scenery, a good story and everyone in it was entertaining. Now matter what you may think of Angelina Jolie, the woman is beautiful and incredibly classy. I would kill for her wardrobe in that movie. Johnny Depp, unfortunately, looked a bit more disheveled than normal, but we'll cut him slack since he is, Johnny Depp. Even Paul Bettany was good. Rent it. Its pure escapist fun.

The King's Speech: So clearly telling the story of a King who stutters is not nearly as important as let's say, Schindler's List or Nelson Mandela's life story or something, but it was a well done film. Once again showing solidarity amongst the English film community, utilizing 75% of all working British actors (aka, they shot this during breaks in filming Harry Potter 17), it was a typical well shot period piece. I can totally see Colin Firth potentially bringing home the Oscar for this one.

Black Swan: For the men out there: Lesbian scene or not, save your money. This was B film schlock without any real suspense. I'm a fan of Natalie Portman (especially since the Husband, Sausen and 410e9th and I once brunched at Sarabeth's at the same time as Ms. P) but this was not great.

Gulliver's Travels: Really? The best part was the chicken fingers and French fries that I was able to get from the snack bar.


A-Team: It was goofy, fun and entertaining. Rent it.

Easy A: Love Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci as Emma Stone's parents and the had a few funny lines, but it wasn't earth shattering. I preferred She's Out of My League for a flick in a similar vein.

The Town: I really enjoyed this. Affleck was surprisingly good. Jeremy Renner was great. Nice to see Jon Hamm in a movie and out of Don Draper's 60's garb and Rebecca Hall was good too.

The American: Clooney: I know you want to employ large portions of the Italian film industry while simultaneously interviewing new prospective girlfriends, but please, do so with a decent script. Sadly, showing your naked butt is not sufficient replacement for a plot. Nice try, though.

Wall Street 2: Wow. Not my favorite Oliver Stone movie. Some of the fade in and scene splits were hokey. Poor Michael Douglas-- not looking great. Shia LeBoeuf.....? Carey Mulligan....? I will say, it was more entertaining than The American and the cameo by Charlie Sheen brought into perspective just how crazy he is. Josh Brolin: do we have any thoughts? I liked him in W. I'm interested to see how he does in True Grit. Hmpf.

So, that's about it for now.

What have you been up to?

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