Monday, November 14, 2005


I was part of a small riot at H&M. The new Stella McCartney collection came in on Thursday and the women were like sharks in a feeding frenzy-- once the new merchandise was put out for sale the security guards were only letting four shoppers at a time into the "Stella" area-- yeah, that lasted for about 2 seconds then suddenly all these women just started pushing past the security guards, climbing over the displays and ripping the items off their hangers-- and then throwing clothes back at the pack-- people were shouting: "Is that a small??? Throw it to me!"

I have never quite seen anything like it.
It was like the Beatles and Elvis and Tom Cruise all got together and were sitting naked in the middle of the H&M store.

I was proud of myself though. I managed to pull together a matching outfit-- all in my size! It was pure luck (and I had to buy the pants 3 times since I kept finding smaller sizes, first it was a ten, then an eight, then a four-- all the while I'm thinking, I guess I can get them altered, what the hell is a size 40!?!)

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