Monday, November 28, 2005

Speakerphone and Secret Santa

Why do some people have to use speakerphone constantly, with their doors open, while they shout? Do I really need to be a part of your conversation? Should I be able to weigh in on the points under discussion? Why should I have to be the person who has to close their door? I'm not making any NOISE! Yes, I am hostile. I hate speakerphone. When you are by yourself you don't need to use speakerphone--- oooohhh, you have to have your "hands free"--buy a fricking headset or close your door!

The speakerphone user also instituted a mandatory "lets buy holiday gifts for staff members" campaign and guess what, you owe me $30.00. Had I been approached with "hey, I thought it might be nice if we chip in and buy Bingo a gift certificate, what do you think?" I'd happily contribute, but being sent an email from a minion saying: "I was told to get $30.00 from you" seems like extortion and we're not even doing Secret Santa. Based on the discussion of speakerphone use listed above I'm sure you can tell how I reacted. I'm not parting with my $30.00.

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