Monday, August 14, 2006

Sample Sales...

So ladies and gentlemen, I have been monitoring the internet for a month. Waiting and logging on to the Prada Sample Sale website to see whether it was open for business. Finally, last night at about 10:30 the flood gates opened. They were taking reservations. I'm in. I managed to snag one appointment on the first day of the sale (though I could have gone in at 9am I opted for a noon slot-- we'll see if this was a mistake...) hoping to get my hands on some handbags or shoes. And another appointment on the second to last day (which is when I went last year...) Last year's purchases included a purple cashmere shell, a fabulous cashmere and silk grey cardigan, an ostrich skirt (yes, PETA be damned, it's real ostrich, I'm sorry!!) and the only regrettable purchase-- a pair of suede pants. Note to self-- next time, try not to purchase suede pants with lining made out of the same material as a bag of Lays potato chips.

Also right on time from last year is the reappearance of the Hermes sample sale. Last year all I got from the sale was a lousy tie (actually, it was a quite nice tie, but last time I checked I don't wear ties that often, so clearly it was a bauble for the husband). Unfortunately this sale has been moved from 61st Street to the Metropolitan Pavilion. Regardless, work permitting, I will be hopping on the subway in between Prada appointments. ;)

I know, its a sickness. At least I'll be well dressed.

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