Monday, June 25, 2007

More Randomness...

Suze Orman was on The View today. Am I the only one who found her a bit pushy? And, did we really need Barbara Walters trying to prove that Spanx don't hide panty lines? I think she's lost her mind.

Next topic: the Da Vinci Code. Much like Star Wars this is also always on (but on Showtime) yet, for all the lack of chemistry between Tom and Audrey and for as poorly cast as Tom Hanks was, I still can't help but watch it. For some reason I can just watch that movie over and over again. I think its because of the prominence of the Louvre, and of course, Jean Reno.

The other night I was watching "fashion fanatic" with Stacy London. Sophie was completely transfixed by Stacy, especially during the segment when Stacy was visiting with the folks at Fabrikant. Yes, she's already intrigued by jewelry. I think we may be in trouble.

Does anybody know what the zoning restrictions are in South Brunswick if you want to harbor a minature pony?

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