Monday, May 19, 2008


On Friday morning the Husband was still sick and we had a bit of a rough night with Miss B as she was also a bit congested (which meant a lot of flip flopping while sleeping which tended to result in baby hands slapping mom and dad in the face). At about 7:30/8am Miss B and I headed down to the breakfast room at the hotel in order for the Husband to get some sleep. There we met Mrs. Art Garfunkel the first (aka Art's crazy first ex-wife). She first made a comment to us about how runny the scrambled eggs were and then we attempted to intercede on her behalf with the wait staff when she needed a lemon to go with her tea but was having difficulty communicating such. The only other breakfast room occupants were Moby and his euro friend (we had seen Moby the day before breakfasting with a french real estate agent-- to be clear this wasn't the real Moby but it was a guy who looked just like him-- same balding/Cary-Grant eyeglasses techno-hipster look) and Moby just kept looking at Mrs. Garfunkel in horror and eventually left once she started disparaging Art. Miss B and I had sat down and were starting on the eggs and croissants when Mrs. G started telling us about how she had been in Europe for a month for her birthday and that when she was in both Nice and Murano she heard these horrible stories about her ex husband. After a bit of her leaking more details and dropping the name Garfunkel it started to dawn on me that she was talking about Art. It was all very strange and after breakfast, as Miss B and I headed out of the hotel for some shopping, Mrs. G. ran into us again and started telling stories of Bob Dylan and expensive tea sets.

After extricating ourselves from our strange conversation, Miss B and I headed over to the Rue St. Jacques to visit the toy store Jouet Bass where we picked up a very cool boat for Miss B. We also visited the Monoprix and got great sandwiches for lunch from a local Boulangerie.

After lunching with the Husband we all headed out by RER to Marne-la-Vallee to none other than Disneyland Paris!

At DP we went on the carousel, Dumbo and took two turns on the teacup ride (my personal favorite) which was great because it was the only ride in the park with no wait.... well that an the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse but that's not really a ride it's just "let's climb some steps")

As if all of this excitement wasn't enough for one day after heading back to Paris, we wandered around the neighborhood and got dinner at the Relais Odeon to be followed by gelato from Amorino.

Finally, we had worn out the baby.

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