Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to Work Off Post-Pregnancy Back Fat...

Walk all over the streets of Paris, and then some. Sorry for the delay in posting66 last night I came down to use the computer late in the evening and the night concergie had firmly ensconced himself at the keyboard so no dice. Anyhoo... as for Tuesday we went all over St. Germain des Pres. Being ever so compulsive I suggested a route counterclockwise spiraling away from the hotel and having us end up on the Mouffetard. We walked along Rue Jacob and Rue de la Universite until we hit the Rue du Bac and then went to the Bon Marche, so far the only place in Paris that actually has baby changing facilities. We "snacked chic" at one of the Bon Marche cafes proving once again that a good department store is a happy place. Sophie had more quiche! Then we went to St. Sulpice, hung out at a cafe on the square, wandered around a bit ,ore and then hit up the church itself. After that it was a stroll through the Luxembourg Gardens followed by shopping on Rue Vavin (childrens clothing mecca, where oddly, Jacadi was most reasonable) Here we also went to Amorino for gelato. Sophie really liked the lemon flavor and the strawberry (lets not even discuss chocolate!) Then we hiked over to the Rue Mouffetard for roasted chicken and potatoes (which we did bring back to the hotel, leading the good folks at the Relais to say, "not those people again!") After dinner we went by metro to the Tour Eiffel again attempting to take a night boat cruise... thankfully disposing of our chicken carcass on the way 5otherwise we really would have been thrown out of the hotel). Alas, we had missed the last cruise but Sophie did get to see the tower again in all its sparkly glory!

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