Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Boom!

The Husband and the Dad and I went to see Indy 4. As the Husband properly noted, the Indiana Jones franchise suffers from the same fate as the Star Trek movies-- every other one is good. I had such high hopes! Geesh, what can I say? Harrison Ford perhaps was thinking to himself, "Sean Connery was my age when we did the last one, I'll be just fine" yes, except, you're not Sean Connery. Harrison Ford looked like he was wearing MC Hammer pants throughout the bulk of the movie and poor Karen Allen really could have used to have lost a few pounds before joining the cast (I'm all for having "real" looking women in film, etc., etc. but come on, you're in an action adventure flick! At least get toned! Cate Blanchett? Stick to the Oscar performances! Here's to hoping Sex and the City is more promising!

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