Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Paris

okay, I start off this post by asking the question: why oh why do the French not use the QWERTY keyboard???

It is 11:25 Paris time as I write this-- struggling with the randomized key placement of the hotel keyboard. unfortunately I won't be able to post photos until I get home as the hotel computer has no exposed USB ports for me...

Anyhoo, we left from Newark yesterday at 6:15 (shout out to the Mom and Dad for being our airport livery service and cat sitters!) thank goodness for BusinessFirst, the downside being we will forever be spoiled for travel abroad. The flight was quick only about 6 and a half hours, the food was good and the seats were plenty large to accommodate us and Miss B who flew as a lap child. Luckily she slept for most of the flight and was thoroughly intrigued by the other planes on the runway and looking out the windows generally... can I say, the airplane baby changing situation was much better than expected as indeed there was a changing table in the bathroom and the room was so small that with the table open, there was nowhere for Miss B to roll!

We arrived this morning at 7/35, our hotel had our room ready and we promptly had some ham sandwiches and took naps all around. By 2 we were up and at 'em, ready for a boat ride on the Seine. Sophie really liked looking at all of the bridges; buildings and especially the golden statues (and other passengers)... after, we strolled through the Latin Quarter to Le Bon Marche, hit up Le Grande Epicierie and then walked back to our hotel taking the Rue du Bac from Le Bon Marche to the Seine.

Tomorrow is our visit to the Louvre!

ps. Thisbe and the Wee Kraken would have a field day here-- there are childrens boutiques everywhere you look!

pps. disappointingly the Samartaine is all boarded up and closed. We had been looking forward to lunch on the roof?!?!

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