Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'll Never Fall In Love Again...

Over the weekend I had a fantastic girls' day out with Thisbe. This was our birthday treat to ourselves as we're both turning a thirty-something number this year that we will leave unsaid.

Thisbe hit up the TKTS booth in Times Square and scored us great tickets to Promises, Promises! Tickets in hand, with plenty of time before the curtain, we went to The Park for brunch. Afterwards we walked around a bit in Chelsea.

At 3pm we headed to the Broadway Theater and had a great time! The show was really entertaining and everybody in the cast did a great job. So much singing, so much dancing! (And who knew Tony Goldwyn could sing???)
Afterwards we ran out to the stage door and Thisbe worked her usual magic and we got autographs from Kristin Chenoweth, Sean Hayes and Tony! (And, kudos to Thisbe for remembering that Tony Goldwyn was the bad guy from Ghost...) While waiting outside the stage door we also saw Eddie Redmayne, who has just finished a run on Broadway in Red with Alfred Molina and can be seen currently in "The Pillars of the Earth" on Starz!

After our stage door antics were through we retired to Ava Lounge atop the Dream Hotel. Yummy drinks and food from Serafina topped off our day. We toasted to thirty-something more exciting years and figure we'll do it all again when we turn 70 (and hopefully, we'll do it again before then too, but the point is, years from now if you see two little old ladies stalking Broadway performers and then getting tipsy on a roof deck, you'll know they're us).

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