Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Who knew...?

So I thought this was an interesting testament to the randomness of Facebook and the allure of Six Degrees of Separation...

A friend of mine in college graduated two years ahead of me but had a sister who was in the same graduating class as me. We're Facebook friends. A few years back I saw in the Times Wedding section that the sister had married a Cushman (I think it was a Cushman, and not a Wakefield, but you get the idea). So I'm looking on Facebook and I saw an update from my friend and then clicked on his sister's page.

Randomly enough, she happens to be friends with a former client of mine (who I represented when she was selling her New York apartment before marrying into the Goodyear clan.)

A further random friendship? Joshua Bell. (As in, the violinist).

I'm always amazed when people you know, know other people you know but in a completely unconnected way. And then its always interesting when someone is friends with someone vaguely well known.

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Danielle said...

Facebook randomly suggests people to me...one was an old neighborhood friend from elementary school (we went to different schools, but it was that age) and now he is meeting up with Will Ferrel/Jim Carrey's manager and Paramount with his comedy troupe.