Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

We almost went out of town, but then work schedules did not permit. (Hell, even I have a deal that's going on right now... and with folks in the UK who decidedly do NOT have Thanksgiving happening tomorrow, thank you very much).

So, instead, we've got a whole lot of food going on.

Ina Garten's smoked salmon dip (to be spread on bagels and one certified Pepperidge Farm Party Pumpernickle loaf!)

Caviar (to be put on deviled eggs... what can I say, it's low end caviar, but it is from Caviar Russe!)

Ham and Gruyere Puff Pastries

Then it's on to the traditional goodies...

A Griggstown Turkey, with stuffing (that includes sausage, apple and mushrooms), mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, crescent rolls... I'd planned for onion tarts but of course, Wegman's always has to be missing at least one key ingredient and this year it was pearl onions.

To finish things off? Pumpkin Pie.

And what about "Black" Friday? Well, left over turkey made into panini with cojack cheese and apple slices, served with butternut squash soup.

Not only is it a time for good food and spending time with family and friends but it is a time for giving thanks.

So, here's a thank you for my wonderful family and friends who bring happiness to my life. And, for everyone else? They can just suck it! ;) Mahalo!

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