Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Is It That Time of Year Again? A Gift Guide for the Perplexed...

Yes, it may only be a few days after Halloween but the holiday season appears to be upon us. Christmas displays are already in stores, the Pillsbury people completely left behind their turkey themed Thanksgiving sugar cookies in favor of Rudolf cookies, and its just a matter of time before CBS FM starts playing Christmas jingles 24/7.

So in the spirit of the Season, below are gift ideas for you and yours.

Personalizable Jack Rogers sandals! . As if putting your monogram on something could get any better...

Well, perhaps it could, there is always a personalized Longchamp foldable tote bag.

In the way of tote bags, if you're going for early '90's chic, you could always go for the gold standard Prada Messenger Bag.

If the chic you're looking for is more of the mid-aughts chic, why not try hot pink Marc by Marc Jacobs?

If its the holiday season, humidity is low, which means dry skin abounds... so there's always the La Mer starter kit, because nothing says Christmas like a miraculous sea-weed infused miracle cure.

But what if skin care and handbags just aren't your thing?

Perhaps you're looking to provoke or otherwise annoy your vegetarian/vegan friends or PETA supporters? If so, you could always try Adrienne Landau's mink loop scarf.

While you're at it actively not supporting the ethical treatment of animals, why not go whole hog (or goat) and pick up a pair of red and turquoise distressed cowboy boots by Lucchese (FYI, in case you're wondering, I'm a 7-7 1/2).

Lastly, though I'm sure it's not tested on animals, you can still annoy your dirty-hippie gypsy friends by trying Trish McEvoy's latest Ready-to-Wear Make-up Planner.

What about the men in your life? Surely, they'll be expecting Santa to leave them a little something under the tree as well, right?

How about a lovely v-neck sweater by Malo? Nothing says pre-recession pricing like spending $1,050 on processed goat hair.

Is Purple Cashmere too sedate for the man in your life? Why not try some outrageous socks by Paul Smith. Personally, I'm always a fan of a statement maker (so long as the statement does not include a Starter Jacket or a gold chain).

Now it sounds like your man is all dressed up with no where to go. If he's willing to pull off wearing a purple cashmere sweater, we've got to assume he's a Prince fan, so why not get tickets to see his latest show at MSG. While you're at it, why not remember your special event with a ticket stub diary?

What about the kids in your life?

Personally, I'm partial to the UglyDoll Ice Bat, but if you can't decide what monster to get for your little monster, why not try the Ugly Doll Gift Set with gift tote. Or, you could always go the more creative route and design your own Muppet Whatnot.

And, for the little girl who has everything (and also wants to piss off PETA), there's Junior Gaultier's fur trim dress and striped shirt. (If you don't want to piss off PETA, you could look to all of the new offerings at Stella McCartney Kids.)

Not to be left out (or outdone by dad), you can also get a whole Paul Smith ensemb for the junior boy toddler set as well.

Now that the fam is covered, what about your four legged friends. How about a personalized dog bed for fido? (Available for cats, too, but face it, your cat will never like whatever you buy for them, so you may as well just forget it.) While you're at it, why don't you get a customized Erwin Pearl dog charm necklace? While your cat might never appreciate anything you do for it, you know your dog would buy you one of these if they had opposable thumbs or disposable income.

Are there people on your list who you're just not crazy about, but you have to give a gift to anyway? You know, co-workers, distant relatives (the ones who have sent you that same cheese crock for the past 15 years) or maybe your mailman, doorman or dog groomer? Then, going along with our aforementioned goat theme, why not buy them a share in a goat courtesy of It's the perfect anti-gift. It's really not anything that most people would actually want to get, but since its a humanitarian donation they'll not be in a position to be able to complain about it! (And, I think the added bonus is it may just be a tax write-off for you, too boot). Score!

Lastly, are you looking to send a polite reminder to the friend who may have lost their way? Why not send over Toby Young's How to Lose Friends and Alienate People?

Merry Hannukah and Happy Christmas, everybody! Now, go forth and spend.

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