Sunday, February 13, 2011

Citizen Stock!

On Thursday, Miss B. and I went to Citizen Stock, a stock photo agency in Manhattan for a photo shoot. I had read about it in Backstage magazine and signed us up for an appointment.

We got to the studio (on Lafayette St. and East 4th) at just after 1:30 and we were there for three hours! It was a really neat photography studio, with both Sherrie Nickol and David Kazenstein taking photos of multiple models. During our three hours at the studio there were nine different models (including us). People of all ages-- a couple of young women, a young man who looked like Ray Liotta, a cuban man in his '60s or '70s, a woman doctor in her fifties from Horsham, PA. and a man and woman couple who appeared to be native american.

We all had brought different outfits with us and Sherrie would look through the clothes and work with us to pick out what she thought would be best and each model would do shoots with three different outfits.

Our photos are supposed to be up on the website in about 6 months and will be ready at that time for potential use by advertisers and pr folks, etc. We get a percentage of the licensing fees associated with our photos. How cool is that?

Here's an article from Crain's Business Daily about the project.

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