Saturday, February 26, 2011

Things We Love

Jen Bekman's art website 20x200. It truly is Art for Everyone. She really has a great eye for fun, modern style art and photography. Who doesn't love Wegman's Weimeraners??

That, if you look closely, certain items in the CB2 catalogue are true rip offs of much more expensive items at Design within Reach. I'm thinking the marble topped circular coffee table, the tripod lamp... Check it out. And, why the hell is it called Design within Reach anyway if the stuff is so damn expensive!?!

That the Oscars are this weekend.

That Laura from the ShoreHouse is back! :)

That there is a book entitled "How to Knit a Dog" (and yes, we sent one to Thisbe).

Nantucket Nectars half and half.

The new MacBook. The soon to be delivered spiffy purple candy shell case for said MacBook.

The two pair of thrift store cords that I bought which totally need to be hemmed before it becomes Spring.

That I have to worry that it's almost Spring. ;)

My friend's new blog I Try Stuff On (So You Don't Have To).

The eBay Shop linda*s***stuff. This woman is my eBay hero. She is a former lawyer and mom who started an eBay consignment business out of her house in Pennsylvania that has now grown to a store with like 65,000 things listed. Linda has some good stuff.

That the Internet can make London seem not that far away and can help me turn used shoes into cash.

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I Try Stuff On said...

Thank you so much for the mention!