Sunday, April 09, 2006


The housework continues. Today it was mostly painting the family room, which, much to my mom's dismay is also painted what can only be described as something else in the beige family. I know none of the rooms have any color, but after you paint one room red you'll soon realize that maybe sometimes with color less is more. I mean, I have one brown room (be it small), one khaki room and now all of the other rooms are just one in a long line of white/beige/cream/vanilla/bone/taupe, but all with much more exciting Ralph Lauren names like "Tennis Court White" (kitchen), "French Riveria" (hallways/foyer)-- We just couldn't bring ourselves to try "Italian Riveria", "Antique Lace" (guest room), "Sisal" (guest bathroom), and then the more abstract: "Trophy" (world's smallest bathroom), "Dovecoat" (bedroom) and now "Fairmont [fill in blank with made-up Ralph Lauren word]" (family room). We wanted to try Kew Place, and there's always "Mexican Feather Grass" but we just couldn't do it. Based on detailed scientific paint chip sample studies (namely, peeling paint on various windowsills) it appears that at some point in our home's not so distant past all surfaces were painted that green color which was popular for refrigerators and stoves in the 1970s (aka "Avocado") then, I'm thinking sometime circa 1983 all interior surfaces which were not otherwise hideously wallpapered were painted a color which either at inception, or though fading became "fleshtone". Do you know what its like to move into a house where all of the walls, trim, doors, ceilings, etc. are flesh color? It leads one to the maddedning task of painting. Something which has continued now for about two years. I noticed today, much to my dismay, that those areas which were painted first are now starting to look dingy. I'm starting to feel like the men who repaint the Eiffel Tower. By the time they reach the bottom, the top is ready for a new coat.

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