Sunday, April 09, 2006

Dinner and Other Unique Events

So tonight it was stir fry. Stir fry is great because it is incredibly easy and you can actually feel like you may be eating healthy. Everytime I go to the grocery store I am taunted by the plastic bags they package your food goodies in with the mantra that you're supposed to be eating 5 fruits and/or vegetables everyday. Okay, when Taco Bell features significantly in one's diet, exactly how do you have 5 fruits or vegetables? How, Stir Fry, that's how!

This evening we hit a record-- 9 different vegetables, and that's not even distinguishing between the different mushroom types! We had bean sprouts (I can't get over how these things just practically melt when you cook them-- how cool is that??), red pepper, orange pepper, green pepper, onion, baby corn (yes! baby corn! can anyone tell me exactly what this stuff really is?), snow peas, zucchini (slices so thin it too practically melts!) and mushrooms (baby bella, shittake and oyster-- though the oyster personally scare me). Then we had some chicken and cashews, a little garlic, grated ginger and a lot of lemon. All of this over yellow rice! We'll not speak of all of the cadbury mini eggs which we had for desert, but dinner surely had to be healthy.

Next food stuff to conquer-- making home made hot and sour soup. I never really thought I would actually cook with tofu, but what the hell!

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