Monday, April 03, 2006

Knitting on Broadway

So, on Saturday we trekked in to town to see Miss Julia Roberts in "Three Days of Rain" on Broadway at the Jacobs Theater. I had mistakenly thought that I had bought tickets in Row F of the Orchestra, not realizing my seats were actually in Row F of the Mezzanine Orchestra... so our seats weren't the best, but the theater is small so we still got a good gander at the Pretty Woman.

The Husband insisted that I post a blog in his honor when he felt triumphant that Paul Rudd, co-staring with Jules, was the abusive boyfriend in the short-lived Fox series "Reunion". We spent much of the intermission feverishly blackberrying Mr. Rudd on IMDB to no avail. The Husband also insisted that Paul Rudd was also the fiance/husband to Kelli Williams in the Father of the Bride remakes. I am happy to say that I came out on top recalling that it was George Newbern in all accounts.

Ps. Jules was knitting in the first act-- she appeared to be working on the back piece of a green and blue striped sweater. What a fine endorsement for knitting in the work place!

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