Monday, November 17, 2008

Cat Tales...

Today we dropped off Miss Kitty at Petsmart for a bit of grooming. It was her first time there, and first time being groomed (other than her usual attempts at creating hairballs). We get there at about 11am and are told that we don't actually have an appointment. Okay, whatever. I'm there and I hand over our rabies certificate and just then a woman walks in behind us and asks if the cat which had just finished grooming (and was at the back of the grooming area in a "pet taxi") was a Himalayan. The groomer says that it is a Himalayan and next the cat inquirer asks if she can touch it. Groomer is kind of surprised by this and replies with "that is not a nice cat." And clearly-- lady, it's not your cat! No you can't touch someone else's cat! Turns out that this woman has "allergies" and she thought that a Himalayan might be "hypo-allergenic". When the Groomer tells her that she can't touch the cat she then asks if she can touch some of the fur that had just come off of it. (You see there was a considerable amount of cat fur balls on the floor of the grooming parlor...) At this request the Groomer seemed happy to oblige. She walked over, picked up a big ball of cat fur and handed it to the woman. Ms. Allergy then proceeded to rub the fur ball all over her hands. I can honestly say that I've never seen anything quite like it. The woman said she'd see by the end of the day if she had any kind of reaction and the Groomer's response was, "you should know in about five minutes."

When we came back two hours or so later, we paid to get Miss K. out of hock and she came out of the back with a little pink bow in her fur! Sophie got a kick out of the bow.

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