Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Madness!

Today Miss B. and I did our Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving shopping at Wegman's. Last week I got a lot of the boxed/canned goodies (such as stuffing mix, pie crust, chicken stock, packed pumpkin, etc.) but we still had a good sized list of stuff for today. Oh my goodness. The Husband's take on it was that today shouldn't be too bad because it should be mostly people who are trying to be prepared in advance, so they should at least know what they're looking for, etc. We both figured tomorrow would just be "PANIC! at the Grocery Store".... today? Today had a mix of people who were hepped up on some sort of shopping speed and then people who acted as though they had never been to the food store before, ever. There were a lot of people with these little carts that Wegman's has. Normally that would be a good thing-- smaller carts, people can move faster and get around easier. Unfortunately, many of the people with the small carts were the ones who seemed like it was their first visit to the store. The baking aisle? It was like a train wreck. Carts and mini-carts were lined up on both sides of the aisle. People were milling about in the middle and then just staring at the food on the shelves. It's as if no one actually knew what they wanted to get but just decided to wing it once they got there. One woman pushed her cart deep into the baking aisle, saying to her companion "Now we need to find brown sugar and vanilla extract." I didn't have the heart to tell her that she had just passed them (as there was no room for her to turn her cart around and besides-- have you never been here before? Don't you know where the brown sugar is? Isn't it likely that it will be in with all of the rest of the sugar that occupies like 7 1/5 feet of shelf space just to your LEFT?

Let's hope tomorrow's great turkey air-lift goes better.

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Sue said...

I actually had good luck today going early over to the "Mart" just to pick up some stuff I missed at Publix....where low and behold I found sitting on an endcap a box of "limited edition"...pumpkin spice instant pudding....limited edition??? I hope it wasn't limited to 2006? Okay, it is Walmart. Anyhoo, I picked it up thinking I could do something with it....Yes!! I'll be making pumpkin cream puffs...the store is the size of 3 football fields so I had no problem with people in the aisles....