Friday, November 21, 2008

Knitting Merit Badges...

Thanks to Miss Leda, I stumbled upon a webpage with knitting merit badges!

This one is easy to get-- it's just about talking up knitting in a positive light, but not too new age-y or grandmotherly... (Okay, done.)

This one was a bit tough for me-- it says that you've mastered the simple mathematics required of knitting. Anyone who knows me knows that math is *not* my strong suit. I actually had to take statistics over the summer in college-- and that was only because it was a requirement of my major which (unlike the required-for-graduation swim test) I couldn't manage to get out of.... But, I have finally figured out the higher math of knitting. This was proved when I was able to successfully confirm that I could substitute a particular yarn for Miss B's poncho. When I tried to tell the Husband the calculations involved it was mind numbing.

This is the MacGuyver I badge-- again, not too bad. It just means that you've used non-knitting items in a knitting related scenario... I'm a lawyer. All I have to say is binder-clip. Also, who hasn't used a paperclip as a stitch marker or a sewing pin as a way to pick up a dropped stitch?

This is MacGuyver II-- meaning you've used knitting implements in a non-knitting application. I can think of many occasions on which I've used a long needle to sweep an errant toys out from under furniture. (Errant object typically is a MegaBlok or soothie).

This badge is one of the more fun ones-- earned for having an inordinant fondness for novelty yarns! My personal fave is anything by Noro... I consider their space dying techniques to be a bit novelty. I also have a poncho (that I've been trying to make for I don't know how many years)which involves eyelash yarn. Let's not even discuss the six months I spent making a Colinette afghan!

I also think they need a badge for having successfully taught someone else how to knit! I vote for Thisbe to get that badge! Thanks, This, for teaching me how to knit all those years ago at the grand old yarn store that is no more on the Post Road in Westport!

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Anonymous said...

I HAVE used a paperclip as a stitch marker! (Though I've recently found that the old gummy reinforcements that I used to use on three-holed paper back in grade school work even better!)