Friday, November 21, 2008


In anticipation of the upcoming gift-giving holidays and in furtherance of the great family tradition of wacky crafting (namely (x) when my Mom and Dad spent goodness knows how many hours building and furnishing a gi-normous Victorian dollhouse and (y) when my grandmother made an entire coffeetable full of Barbie clothes for me including a creamsicle colored knitted pantsuit and a Barbie-sized bra), I spent Sophie's naptime this afternoon making fake felt food! (Photos to follow). So far I've made sushi rolls, ravioli, pancakes, bacon strips, and a piece of lunchmeat ham and some lettuce. I'm still working through how to make my two slices of white bread (with crusts) and I also have two eggs sunny side up to make as well as some tomato slices. Basically, when I'm done I figure I'll have a three course breakfast, a ham sandwich, some sushi and then pasta... I'm thinking of also making a salad to go with the ravioli. If this works out (and I can figure out how to master making crust) then I think we'll try a pizza next.

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