Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Go Blow Your Nose!

Check this out! While the Mom and Dad were visiting, the Dad got me some really neat books at B&N, including Lexie Barnes' Sew What Bags. So, tonight, after repairing one of our sectional cushions (to paraphrase Charlton Heston: "Damn, you, Pottery Barn! Damn you to Hell!!!"....**), I used some really neat fabric scraps that I had from the quilt shop and made this:

A tissue pack holder!
It's perfect for cold and flu season, and a nice way to keep tissues in your purse or briefcase!

And it was totally simple to make!! Woo-hoo! This has "stocking stuffer" written all over it. Beware friends and relatives, you may be getting a tissue holder this holiday season.

** Re: our Pottery Barn Issue... god forbid one washes the cushion covers, lest the zippers may come dis-attached to the actual cushion. I guess I should have known to have the cushion cover zipped during the washing process? Who knew. But, it was an easy enough repair, though I would have preferred to have spent the same fifteen minutes not repairing my couch cusions and instead doing something more fun!


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Well that's certainly nothing to sneeze at. (Sorry...couldn't resist.).

This is the perfect project for those bits and bobs of fabric that are piling up from my little sewing projects. I wonder if I can just make a "mini pillow cover" (with the envelope back) cut to size -- looks like that may be the basic concept?? With double-sided fabric (so it looks pretty inside, too)?

Anonymous said...

Are there any bags in the book that you think you'll make? I have the Sew What? Skirt book and have made a couple of those. Actually found them easier than commercial patterns because I hate all that darned tissue paper. (And because I'm a crappy sewer. I started to put "seamstress" but couldn't type it with a straight face.)

Weef! said...

Merrilymarylee: thanks for your message! I am going to try some of the other bags-- they've got a messenger bag that looks fun to make and I'm also going to try the reversible tote bag. I'll post pictures!!