Friday, October 30, 2009

What Did We Do Today?

8am-- physical therapy. (I was a bit loopy from lack of sleep... what else is new). Forgot my wallet, had to sneak back into the house (so as not to wake the baby) by emailing the Husband (who luckily for me... unluckily for him) was awake and on the computer doing work.

11am-- Music Class!

12pm-- Post Office

12:15pm Leave Post Office, realizing wallet is in car.

Then we went to Panera and met up with the Husband for lunch (note: Miss B.'s bagel sailed off our tray and hit the deck. Husband had to come to the rescue when he arrived and buy second bagel-- couldn't risk having to carry tray around anymore to go back and get it myself (i.e. try balancing a drink, sippy cup, salad, soup and hand-holding toddler... you get the picture).

Then we went to the Post Office. Again. (This time, with money). Helped older woman figure out how to use the APC while awaiting Postal Employee to come and empty the APC Receptacle.

Then: Whole Foods. Pumpkins. Need we say more?

Then: Wegman's. Party Food. Pigs in Blankets, apples with caramel dip, yada, yada, yada.

Then: Home and trying to reorganize shelving unit while simultaneously keeping Miss B. occupied and making Tuscan White Bean Soup.

Then: Bathe baby, shower, eat dinner.

Then: Make a midnight run (okay, an 8pm run) to Party Fair to get helium for party balloons. Party Fair is your Halloween Headquarters.

Then: Home to get baby ready for sleepy time.

Then: make cupcakes, straighten lower level/party level, decorate (who knew one needs a talent for using fake spider webbing?) How often is it that you find yourself tieing fleece ghosts to trees in your front yard at 11pm?

Yeah. I need sleep.

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