Saturday, October 03, 2009

Long Time. No Posts

So, sorry about the dearth of posts lately. It was a bit of a wacky week. On Monday, Miss B. fell off of the couch and bumped her head. As this was the same spot on her dome which had the previous week also gotten a bump, after a run-based fall in the hallway. That resulted in a trip to the Emergency Room. (No worries, though, all's well). Then, Wednesday we ventured into the city and had another whirwind day. We met with Dave, Em, Max and our friend Eric for lunch at 40 Carrots in Bloomingdale's. Eric was in town from California on business and he was quick to point out that it had been a long 14 years since our hijinks back in college... Dave, Eric and I all lived on the same floor (which was a very small floor) during college. I was equally quick to point out that we didn't need to remind ourselves that it was 14 years!?!

After lunch, Miss B. and I did some photo shoots for the up-coming Sophie 2010 calendar. We walked from Bloomies to the Calder at 57th and Madison (running across Joan Rivers along the way). The we walked from the Calder to the Met (stopping near Barney's for a hot dog, or two). Then we walked around the Met (having goldfish crackers, surreptitiously, while perusing the Modern Art wing). Then we walked from the Met to the Guggenheim. Then, after the Guggenheim we had an ice cream sandwich, while sitting on a bench out in front of the Gugg. Then we walked back down Madison (stopping at Serafina on 79th street for a panini and a biscotti). Then Miss B. finally fell asleep, during which time I went to Tiffany's to buy a birthday present for the Mom. Then finally, it was back to the garage and a drive home.

After all of that, is it any wonder that Miss B. caught a cold? More specifically, croup. Yup, that night she awoke sounding really scary with a seal-like cough and wheezing. The next day we went to the doctor and croup was confirmed. Egads! But she is doing much better. Though of course, now I have a cold. (All of that after already having gotten my flu shot!) Geesh.

Anyhoo, now the Mom and Dad have arrived and will be visiting through the 14th. I'm sure we'll have adventures to tell.

Today we hit up the Princeton Library Book Sale and tomorrow we're going to the VNA Rummage Sale in Far Hills!

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Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Yikes!! That is not an ideal week. Though I am so impressed at Mlle B's ability to be a little lady about town at her age.

SO...did you go to the VNA?!? And did you find it as scary as I did? ;-)